Bus rental in Vienna MBS87

MBS87, a reliable travel companion. We have a professional team to plan a complete trip to Vienna: hotel reservation, meal preparation on request, dedicated and knowledgeable local guide, drivers have many years of experience, many types of vehicles (bus, minibus, limousine,...) can meet each type of service, comparative price,...

With us, you will enjoy the most professional services. Let us help you have an enjoyable experience.

Why should you travel with us?

With over 10 years of industry experience, we can provide services to suit your needs. In addition, we have tours that are designed to be very attractive and satisfy many travelers.

We are a travel agency with headquarters in Paris and we have branches all over Europe. Therefore, we can provide services to you wherever you are with the most excellent and professional quality.

MBS87's team of experts can understand the thoughts and aspirations of each customer, and from there, we build and offer an affordable price and match the customer's ability to pay.

Through professional training and practical experiences, by absorbing customer feedback and correcting mistakes, MBS87 has gradually gained more and more customers' trust, providing more professional and registered services. The satisfaction of passengers is our honor.

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  • Mercedes V Class

  • Mercedes S Class

  • Tesla Model S

  • Mercedes Sprinter

  • Mercedes Bus

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  • Anna

    I am very happy that I had a great experience for my recent trip to Vienna when I had MBS87 with me. I was very impressed with the warm reception and customer care of the staff. I will use the company's services for a long time.

  • Kim & Acacia

    Our company and MBS87 have cooperated through many trips to many different cities and countries in Europe. The last trip to Vienna, MBS87 impressed us very much because of the professionalism of their staff. We are very satisfied with your service.

  • William

    I just had a trip through many cities, including Vienna. I had a hard time getting to this city because I couldn't rent a car. A friend of mine recommended MBS87 to me, and they helped me solve my problem. Thank you very much MBS87.

  • David

    It's awesome! Beyond expectations! MBS87 has allowed me to discover many interesting destinations in Vienna and also in other cities of Austria. Thanks to MBS87, I had a memorable experience in this beautiful country. Thank you very much.

  • Kate

    I had a business trip with an important delegation but the schedule was very urgent, we had a hard time arranging everything. Luckily we found MBS87 company, they supported me as much as they could. Thank you very much everyone.

  • Phoebe

    I would love to go to Vienna, but I can't afford such a long trip. MBS87 made my dream come true. The prices they offer are very realistic and in line with my financial situation. Looking forward to accompanying the company in many other upcoming trips.