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Why should you travel with us?

High experience: With over 10 years working in the travel industry, we are proud to be able to assist you with the most professional and dedicated service level. 

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Various buses: Whether it's a small (about 20 passengers) or a large tour group (100 passengers or more), MBS87 still can provide a variety of tour buses for you to choose from.

Perfect service: With our service, you just sit back and relax, we will take care of everything at the most reasonable cost, to make you comfortable when visiting Budapest and other cities.

  • Mercedes E Class

  • Mercedes V Class

  • Mercedes S Class

  • Tesla Model S

  • Mercedes Sprinter

  • Mercedes Bus

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  • Bus rental for Miskolc

  • Bus rental for Pécs

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  • Bus rental for Ózd

  • Bus rental for Baja

  • Bus rental for Cegléd

  • Bus rental for Szekszárd

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    My recent experience in Hungary, especially in Budapest, would not have been so great if I had not been accompanied by MBS87. Their tour guide was knowledgeable about the monuments and sights in Budapest. It was a memorable trip.

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