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What do you think about accompanying MBS87 on the upcoming private tour in Germany? MBS87 is a company specializing in providing bus rental service in Europe in general and in Germany in particular. In addition, we also provide extremely interesting private tours in Europe. Therefore, we at MBS87 will make your trip in Germany comfortable, fun and memorable.

  • Diversity of services

    At MBS87 there are many interesting services. We can plan any private tour in Europe (including searching for hotels, places to visit, bus rental service in Germany,...)

  • Bus rental service system

    MBS87 have an extremely modern bus rental service in Germany, and connected to the extremely large bus rental system in Europe. We have new vehicles, air conditioning, TV, refrigerator (depending on vehicle type), ... and skilled drivers.

  • Professional staff

    Through professional training and many years of experience in the profession, MBS87 staff always look forward to welcoming passengers around the world. We are always ready to listen to your wishes and provide free consultation for any of your trips in Europe.

  • Reasonable prices

    We at MBS87 always regularly update the European travel market and customer tastes. The package price for a private tour in Germany is about 1000 - 3000 euros/person, depending on the number of guests in the group and your travel time.

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    Mercedes E Class

  • bus rental for Germany

    Mercedes V Class

  • coach hire germany

    Mercedes S Class

  • minibus hire germany

    Tesla Model S

  • bus rental germany

    Mercedes Sprinter

  • coach hire germany

    Mercedes Bus

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  • Jasmin

    After the Germany trip, we never felt satisfied throughout the journey when accompanying MBS87. Their service is wonderful.

  • Mike

    It was reassuring to be welcomed by MBS87's bus rental in Germany service when we arrived in Germany. They are really attentive and friendly.

  • Luna

    I will often travel to Europe with MBS87. They have many interesting tours. I am looking forward to my next journey in Europe with MBS87.

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