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MBS 87 - Bus rental service - we boast 65 buses in various sizes, ready to serve you throughout 2024, across France and beyond, extending to the wider European region.


12 hours services bus with driver per day for city tour for all cities around Europe: Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelone, Frankfurt, Keflavik, Rome, London, Madrid, Prague, Zurich.

- Bus 21 seats: from 850 euro per day

- Bus 45 seats: from 950 euro per day

For this price, payment is required at least 45 days prior to departure. For last minutes bookings, please contact us by WhatsApp: +33771800874


Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelone, Frankfurt, Keflavik, Rome, London, Madrid, Prague, Zurich

FAQs: Everything you want to know about our services?

1. Which cities that we provide the service "book a transfer"?: 11 cities in Europe

Paris, Zurich, Rome, Amsterdam, London, Reykjavik, Prague, Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, Frankfurt.

2. Which bus do we use to offer service

8 seats bus: group 1 - 6 persons.

21 seater bus: group 7 - 17 persons.

45 seater bus: group 18 persons - 42 persons.

Note: 1 person: 1 big luggage and 1 hand luggage.

If you have more luggages you need to inform us.

Do you need a quote for a bigger group or long distance tours?: send us email

3. How is the booking processed?

- Once we receive the booking from our system: we will contact you by email to reconfirm the "From (airport, port, address)" and "To airport, port, address), the flight details, time to pick up or drop off...

- 2 days before the arrival date: we will send you the driver contact by email and by text message.

- We will monitor the flight and call on the phone number that you have provided if there is a cancellation of flight or delay of flight.

- Our waiting time from the arrival time is: 90 minutes - extra time from this, you need to pay extra for the driver: 50 euro/ hour.

4. Your booking is 3 days free cancellation before the arrival date. If your booking is cancelled, MBS 87 refunds you immediately. The processing time may take 7 to 10 days and depends on your bank.

5. 3 days before the arrival date: If I need to cancel my booking, will I pay a fee? After 3 days before the arrival date, your booking is non-refundable, you cannot cancel or make changes.  In case of force majeure (natural disaster, earthquake..): MBS 87 refunds you immediately.

4. Will I need to pay anything additional upon arrival?

You may need to give a tip to the driver. Sometimes, you are expected to pay taxes and charges upon arrival. If this is the case, the amount is stated before you book and in your confirmation email. If no amount is stated, you should not pay anything upon arrival.If the driver requests money from you and you believe this is incorrect, please contact us on the phone number +33771800874.

5. How can I request an invoice?

Please go to your confirmation email or the confirmation page and click 'Request an invoice'. Complete the form and submit your request. You'll get your invoice after the service date. This email will come from MBS 87.

  • Alberto

    Although I have still two more days with this group I want to let you know that I really enjoyed to work with Emilie. She was nice patient and professional. I even want to tell you was nice to work with other group too. I liked your groups and I hope the liked my services as well.

  • Samba

    It's great experience with MBS travel. The cooperation of driver and MBS travel agent is exceptional. If we want travel again we love to choose MBS service again.

  • Veit Transviet

    Our tour is coming to it's end today evening. From our side everything was going well. Bus was good and driver dis a good job. Thank you.

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