Low Cost Bus rental Company in Europe | European coach hire

MBS 87 is a travel agency that provides a wide range of Bus Rental Europe services. We have been working in the industry for more than 10 years and are always ready to help you create your wonderful vacation.

  • bus rental europe
  • bus rental europe
  • Various types of vehicle

    • Mercedes E Class, Mercedes S Class, and Tesla Model S have 7 to 9 seats
    • Mercedes V Class and Mercedes Sprinter have 21 to 27 seats
    • Mercedes buses or Iveco have 45 to 62 seats.
  • Multiple types of service

    • Airport transfer services
    • Private family vacations
    • Public tours
    • Multiday tours
    • One-day tours
    • Business trips
    • City tours
    • Road trips
    • Transportation between different cities or countries.
  • Offer reasonable prices

    • Mercedes car ~ 700 euros/day
    • Tesla ~ 850 euros/day 
    • Mercedes Sprinter 21 seats bus ~ 850 euros/day

    Early bookings bus rental Europe for large groups can get you discounts of up to 50%.

  • Routes that MBS 87 usually operates

    • France - Belgium - Netherlands - Germany - Switzerland- Austria- Czech Republic - Hungary
    • France -Switzerland - Italy
    • London - Manchester - Liverpool - York - Glasgow - Edinburgh

All our fleets for bus rental Europe service

The buses feature state-of-the-art technologies that calculate and analyze risks with real-world data to provide you with the best vehicle for you. No matter what your needs are, wherever you need minibus hire europe, the perfect minibus hire european travel is ready for you. The MBS 87 team is always ready to wait for your arrival and advise your trip 24/7. We supply bus rental europe service with all types of cars and buses for a team, family group and company group eventually

  • minibus hire europe

    Mercedes E Class

  • minibus rental europe

    Mercedes V Class

  • european coach hire

    Mercedes S Class

  • minibus hire with driver europe

    Tesla Model S

  • tour bus rental europe

    Mercedes Sprinter

  • european mini bus hire

    Mercedes Bus

  • Aria Gonzalez

    I am the leader of a team working in an American tourist company that operates tours to Europe. We first cooperated with MBS 87 in 2018 with tour bus rental Europe service. This is a trustworthy company with multiple well-organised services. If you come to Europe, we highly recommend our beloved business partner - MBS 87!

  • Brian Chang

    It is very inconvenient and time-consuming to travel around Europe using public transportation. I think it is a wise choice for our family to book mini bus hire Europe from MBS 87. They take care of everything on the road and all we need to do is pay money and enjoy!

  • Sebastian Perez

    I had a great experience with MBS 87 bus rental Europe services. Before I knew about MBS 87, I had booked two other bus rental companies for my previous trips to Europe which were nowhere near the high-quality service MBS 87 offered.

  • Julie Smith

    My bus had a very powerful air conditioner system, clean seats, and a smooth engine. Thanks to the wonderful driving skills of the driver, I did not feel dizzy at all even though we had to travel for a very long period of time on minibus hire with driver Europe booked from MBS87

  • Ivy Song

    Reasonable prices, high-quality services, well-maintained bus, definitely a wise choice!

  • Wakanda

    Thank you Katy and Paul for your great service. A late group booking request was handled quickly and efficiently. The charming way of talking of the guide "Frank" makes the whole trip always full of laughter. Your punctuality makes us very satisfied.

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