Minibus hire and Bus rental in Berlin | Deal 50% for group

MBS 87 is a reliable partner in providing bus rental Berlin at affordable prices, with various vehicle models to best meet customer needs. 

Minibus hire Berlin will help you enjoy a trip with many interesting experiences with detailed plans from booking hotels, resting, dining, and exploring famous tourist destinations. We are honored to become your companion on your trips throughout Europe.

  • Competitive price

    • Only 650 Euro gives an 8-seat bus, 750 Euro gives a 21-seat bus, and 850 Euro gives a 45-seat bus.
    • The duration of each tour is expected to be 8 days and 7 nights.

    The bus operates from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., ensuring rest time for both drivers and passengers.

  • Local driver

    • Refers you to take convenient routes when encountering heavy traffic or bad weather.
    • Proficient in multiple communication languages such as English, French, and Chinese.
    •  Provide the necessary information for your trip.
  • Spacious and comfortable space

    • The bus in bus rental Berlin is designed to be spacious and airy, equipped with an air conditioning system and ample legroom.
    • The seats can be adjusted according to customer needs.
    • The vehicle is regularly maintained and serviced, ensuring the safety of your trip.
  • 24/7 consulting support

    • 24/7 consulting and answering customer questions about car reservations, hotel rentals, dining, and tourist attractions in Berlin.
    • We offer detailed plans for each renowned tourist destination in Berlin, including the Brandenburg Gate, Humboldt Forum,...
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    Mercedes E Class

  • minibus hire berlin

    Mercedes V Class

  • minibus hire berlin

    Mercedes S Class

  • minibus hire berlin

    Tesla Model S

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    Mercedes Sprinter

  • minibus hire berlin

    Mercedes Bus

  • Bus rental in Brandenburg Gate

  • Bus rental in Museum Island

  • Bus rental in Reichstag

  • Bus rental in the Jewish Museum

  • Bus rental in Brandenburg Gate

  • Bus rental in Mauerpark

  • Bus rental in Treptower Park

  • Bus rental in Alexanderplatz

  • Bus rental in Treptower Park

  • Bus rental in Kreuzberg

  • Ravi Patel

    When I first came to Berlin, I only had a little experience or familiarity with the streets here. Luckily knowing MBS 87, they helped me plan a thoughtful trip itinerary with coach hire Berlin, helping me have a smooth and safe trip.

  • Marco Rossi

    The guide provided me with a lot of useful knowledge about the culture and people in Berlin. The space inside the car is spotless and airy. I am very satisfied with bus hire Berlin.

  • John Smith

    The quote process at MBS 87 was speedy and detailed, I was provided with all the details about my trip itinerary when using mini bus hire Berlin service. After the trip ended, they even contacted me to make sure I had a safe trip with the best experience.

  • Nicky

    It's great experience with MBS travel. The cooperation of driver and MBS travel agent is exceptional. If we want travel again we love to choose MBS service again.

  • Jessica

    Excellent service, affordable costs, prompt service, and a team that is both kind and qualified. I've been with this firm for quite some time. Extremely AMAZING!

  • Zhang Wei

    We rented a 45-seat bus from bus rental Berlin service. The equipment on the bus was very modern, from the air conditioning system to very comfortable seats.

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