Minibus hire and Bus rental in Reykjavik | Deal 50% for group

When you arrive in Iceland, board MBS87's bus rental service in Reykjavik to visit and explore the largest capital city in Iceland. MBS87 specializes in organizing private tours and bus rental services in Europe, especially private tours and bus rental services in Reykjavik. We will take you to discover all the excitement of this city.

  • Diverse tours

    Over 10 years in the tourism industry in Europe, MBS87 understand Europe. Rental bus tours in Reykjavik connect with neighboring cities (Akureyri, Ísafjörður, etc) or go bathing in the Blue Lagoon hot springs - a famous activity in Iceland.

  • Modern bus rental system

    The travel vehicle system at MBS87 is very modern, from famous car models such as Limousine, Mercedes, Texas,... to large buses with seats up to 62 seats. The vehicle is always fully air-conditioned, filtered water, soft cushioned seats, etc.

  • The driver is a local

    The driver at the bus rental in Reykjavik system is someone who has lived and had many experiences right in Reykjavik, Iceland. Therefore, they always know each route well, and they can take you to tourist destinations easily and quickly.

  • Local guide is experienced

    With a long time living in Iceland and special knowledge about Reykjavik, the local guide on the bus rental service in Reykjavik is always ready to send you interesting things about Reykjavik and take you to each story of each location. point in this capital of Iceland.

  • Bus rental for Reykjavik

    Mercedes E Class

  • Bus hire for Reykjavik

    Mercedes V Class

  • Coach rental for Reykjavik

    Mercedes S Class

  • Bus hire for Reykjavik

    Tesla Model S

  • Bus rental for Reykjavik

    Mercedes Sprinter

  • Bus hire for Reykjavik

    Mercedes Bus

  • Bus rental for Hallgrimskirkja

  • Bus rental for Perlan

  • Bus rental for Sun Voyager

  • Bus rental for Harpa Reykjavik Concert Hall and Conference Centre

  • Bus rental for The settlement exhibition

  • Bus rental for Laugavegur

  • Bus rental for Arbaer Open Air Museum

  • Bus rental for Ring Road

  • Bus rental for Aurora Reykjavik

  • Bus rental for Laugardalslaug

  • Molan

    I just finished a 6-day, 5-night trip to Reykjavik with MBS87. Their service is wonderful.

  • Sue

    Bus rental service in Reykjavik made us very happy. Local guide is very dedicated and closely follows every member of our group. We want to thank him very much.

  • Lena

    MBS87's driver was really good, he drove very smoothly and took us to the destination quickly. We didn't feel tired at all during the trip.

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