Weingut Cobenzl - wine appraisal place in Austria

Weingut Cobenzl - wine appraisal place in Austria

Weingut Cobenzl (also known as Weingut Wien Cobenzl) is one of the leading wine factories in Vienna in particular and in the world in general. When wine products reach diners or experts, they are highly appreciated and receive a lot of love. Let's take a tour with MBS87 and learn about Weingut Cobenzl on coach hire in Vienna.

Some information about Weingut Cobenzl

Some information about Weingut Cobenzl

Weingut Cobenzl is located right in the woods of Vienna, on the banks of the Danube River. Standing in the garden, you can look out and see the entire city of Vienna. 

Because Vienna is the only city with soil that can grow grapes right in the city, along with traditional wine production recipes and the hospitality of the people here, all have created excellent flavors and comfort and joy for tourists from all over when visiting Weingut Cobenzl.

As a winery with more than 110 years of age, the wines here can be considered unique and cannot be made anywhere else with the same wine flavor as Weingut Cobenzl. With a total area of about 60 hectares of grapes in Grinzing, on the Nussberg and on the Bisamberg. 

Weingut Cobenzl's wine products are not only unique in taste, but also historical and traditional, imbued with Viennese culture from ancient times passed down to the present.

Since 2018, Weingut Cobenzl has been a member of the winegrowers' association "Osterreichische Traditionsweinguter". Only the best vineyards are planted in the best regions in Austria may bear the famous classification "Erste Lage" 1OTW. Weingut Cobenzl's three vineyards can meet all the strict criteria of 1OTW: Ried Seidenhaus and Ried Steinberg in Grinzing, Ried Preussen on the Nussberg.

Initially, these gardens were owned by Count Cobenzi and later "passed" on to many other famous figures. In 1907, when the Vienna city government bought these gardens, they became a grain growing area. 

After two world wars, this land gradually converted to growing grapes. And over the decades, thanks to Thomas Podsednik - General Director of Weingut Cobenzl, the wines produced from these gardens have turned into unique flavors that cannot be found anywhere else.

Fun things you can do at Weingut Cobenzl

Fun things you can do at Weingut Cobenzl

Visit the production process of premium wines

Weingut Cobenzl always organizes tours of the vineyard and factory. You will be able to observe from the time the grapes are still on the vine, until a bottle of fine wine is born. 

When you visit the vineyard, you will see bunches of grapes laden with fruit that are carefully cared for by gardeners, from pruning leaves, fertilizing, watering,... Gardeners cherish the bunches. Those grapes are like their most precious things.

After the grapes are harvested, they will be taken to the pressing plant. Here, ripe grapes will be pressed to extract juice and then fermented, starting the first steps to create a fine bottle of wine. 

After the finished wine bottles are completed, they will all be transported to the wine cellar. This place will be designed by engineers with the most appropriate humidity and temperature to perfectly preserve those wonderful bottles of wine and forever retain the original flavor of the wine.

During a tour of Weingut Cobenzl, you will feel the meticulousness and meticulousness of the gardeners, winemakers,..., they dedicate all their enthusiasm, understanding, inheritance and the love for his homeland to create a delicious drink that makes everyone who tastes it fall in love with it from the first sip. 

This tour of Weingut Cobenzl will only include 15 people, so please quickly contact MBS87 so we can quickly give you a bus rental in Austria services to explore Weingut Cobenzl right away.

Organize luxury parties, weddings, wine tasting parties,...

With large gardens and beautiful scenery of Vienna, the gardens at Weingut Cobenzl are very suitable for important parties, parties for aristocrats, businessmen... And especially, this place is An ideal gathering place for the world's leading wine experts and appraisers. In addition, Weingut Cobenzl is always on the list of "must-see places when traveling to Vienna" for tourists with a special interest in wine. 

And another great thing is that Weingut Cobenzl also holds weddings. The morning with cool sunrise, spacious garden, charming scenery, very suitable for a big day for young couples, a suitable place for them to transition to a memorable milestone - from lover to be the life partner forever.

Tunnel opening date

If you are still wondering when to visit Weingut Cobenzl. Then let MBS87 reveal to you an extremely important and interesting day right at Weingut Cobenzl that is only held once a year. That is the traditional day "Open the cellar door". 

In May every year, Weingut Cobenzl will open the cellar door so visitors can go deep inside the cellar containing thousands of bottles of wine. This is an ideal opportunity for you to learn why Weingut Cobenzl's wines are so special and rare. You can taste many different flavors of wine, from the most classic and traditional flavors, to types that have been innovated to better suit the tastes of many people. 

We at MBS87 promise this will be an extremely interesting tour.

So how can you get to Weingut Cobenzl?

So how can you get to Weingut Cobenzl?

Let MBS87 help you do this. With more than 10 years of experience in the tourism industry, our staff is extremely professional and will quickly arrange a private tour in Vienna for you - wherever you are in the world. After that, you will travel with MBS87 on the bus rental in Vienna to the world famous wine factory - Weingut Cobenzl

If you are still concerned about travel costs, then you can rest assured when traveling with us at MBS87. With the ability to quickly update the tourism market situation, we always offer the most reasonable and complete prices. Besides, MBS87 will give you many different options, you can choose the option that suits you best.

If you have any difficulties, please contact MBS87! See you one day soon.

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