Travel on bus rental service in Vienna to get to Wiener Riesenrad

Travel on bus rental service in Vienna to get to Wiener Riesenrad

As one of the symbols of Vienna, Wiener Riesenrad is a ring located in Prater park. Local people are very proud and call this an iconic building of the Austrian capital, and this place is also very suitable for a private tour in Vienna of us MBS87.


Overview of Wiener Riesenrad - Vienna's Ferris wheel

Wiener Riesenrad is a 64.75 meter high ferris wheel right at the entrance of Prater park. Built in 1897, it was the tallest Ferris wheel in the world from 1920 - 1985.

Wiener Riesenrad was designed by British engineers Harry Hitchins and Hubert Cecil Booth, built in 1897 by the team of many British engineers - Lieutenant Walter Bassett Bassett, Royal Navy ...

The purpose of this great work was to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of Emperor Franz Joseph. Wiener Riesenrad severely damaged during World War II, after which this work repaired and rebuilt.

Wiener Riesenrad has appeared in many films and popular culture works, such as the spy thriller - "Scorpio", the classic and world-famous film - "James Bond" produced in 1987, novel "Kazan Star by Eva Ibbotson",... And besides Wiener Riesenrad, there are many other interesting things in Prater Park. Let's walk around Prater Park with MBS87.

Visit Wiener Riesenrad and Prater park

Visit Wiener Riesenrad and Prater park

You can experience the Wiener Riesenrad in many different ways. Because the rotation speed of it is quite slow, you can slowly see and feel each scene and beauty of the sky, streets and different activities of the people of Vienna. 

In the evening, this is also very splendid and colorful. A cocktail or a cup of coffee, admiring the scenery of Vienna through the windows of Wiener Riesenrad,... this is definitely a favorite activity of many loving couples on their private tour in Vienna.

After experiencing Wiener Riesenrad, you should go to a few other places in Prater park. This is a famous park in Vienna. Parter Park is divided into many areas with many different extremely interesting games. The Wiener Prater area in the park was originally a hunting ground for the Royal family and was later renovated into a green space and many entertainment games to attract tourists. 

And if you want to go back in time and learn about special things from the 19th century, join the antique carousel. 

Besides interesting games, in Prater park there is also a tree - the brown chestnut. In May, visitors will be able to admire the beautiful pink chestnut flowers blooming. The fallen chestnuts under the trees are often picked up by locals and tourists to keep memories of their travels. 

There are also restaurants and eateries on site that sell Austrian specialties. Souvenir shops, coffee shops,... all are available in this Prater park. After enjoying a round of Wiener Riesenrad and various games, admiring all the scenery here. You can stop by to taste Austrian specialties and look at cute and adorable items, imbued with Austrian cultural features.

How to get to Wiener Riesenrad?

How to get to Wiener Riesenrad?

Coming to Wiener Riesenrad is very easy. Because Wiener Riesenrad is located right in the city center of Vienna - a bustling and beautiful city. We at MBS87 have private bus tours in Austria in particular and private tours for Vienna in general, ready to serve you anywhere. 

We will join you in the games at Prater park, take you to experience the famous Ferris wheel - Wiener Riesenrad, and experience many other interesting things together in Vienna. With just one trip from our bus rental service in wien, you will get wherever you need to go. So don't hesitate, please contact us.

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