Central Cemetery - Vienna's largest and most famous cemetery

Central Cemetery - Vienna's largest and most famous cemetery

Coming to the Central Cemetery , you can find rare animals and plants that are cared for here. We can also admire the unique architecture of different tombs of many religions everywhere. In the world. If anyone loves old music, they can come here to visit famous musicians to commemorate the achievements those people have brought to all humanity.

Central Cemetery

Central Cemetery

Vienna Central Cemetery was born in 1874 with the joy of welcoming the people here. The cemetery has an area of up to 2.4 km2 with 3.3 million graves of many different religions gathered from all over the world divided into many different areas.

Central Cemetery, opened in 1874, is more than just a final resting place. Covering an area of about two square kilometers, this is the second-largest cemetery in Europe structure. You can find here a parallel world that could hardly bring more variety.

The Central Cemetery is not only a final resting place. But also a place where animals and nature gather to create a sense of peace. Couples often come here to propose a commitment to stay together until they turn gray. With an area of about 2 square kilometers, this is certainly the second-largest cemetery in Europe. With its unique structure, you see this place as a different world compared to the city where residents live bustlingly, instead, it is a miniature paradise.

The tombs – many of which honor worldly musicians such as Johannes Brahms, Franz Schubert, Ludwig van Beethoven. As well as Falco and Udo Jürgens – are not the only impressive feature here. The Central Cemetery Church of St. Karl Borromäus is one of the most beautiful Art Nouveau churches in Vienna. Domed tombs, mausoleums, and bizarrely shaped monuments create a unique atmosphere but also a certain sense of horror. – Welcome to a very special place in Vienna!

The tomb here is honored to bury world-famous musicians such as:

  • Johannes Brahms
  • Franz Schubert
  • Ludwig van Beethoven
  • Falco
  • Udo Jurgens

They are making the tomb as poetic as the artist's quality that this place exudes. But that's not the most impressive feature. Domed tombs, mausoleums, and bizarrely shaped monuments create a unique atmosphere but also bring a certain creepy feeling, there are also beautiful places like a miniature paradise – Welcome to a very special site of Vienna!

Natural, fresh space and architecture

Natural, fresh space and architecture Central Cemetery

People love this entertainment spot. The Central Cemetery is a natural haven and the perfect place for hiking. Central Cemetery is also a popular place for joggers. Cycling is also allowed. – And with a little luck, you can also meet some very special residents here. There are times when you will be scared by the rustling sounds in the bushes. But don't worry too much when there are only gentle and harmless natural animals.

The Central Cemetery is a habitat for deer, voles, squirrels, badgers, martens, kestrels, and many other animals valuable to the area. This large area resembles Vienna.

Zentralfriedhof has also become a kind of nature reserve with open parklands, wild areas, beehives, and insect hotels. It provides a home for about 17,000 trees. This place creates a natural school for animals and plants to live with the protection of the people here, these animals are often cared for and helped.

Movies have even made about the number of animals in cemeteries. And it's not just local productions: parts of the wild field voles in the BBC documentary Seven Worlds, One Planet all came from Zentralfriedhof. Because of those videos, we can see endangered animals and even species listed in the Red Book being protected here. This is a pretty good idea to protect natural animals.

How to get to Central Cemetery

How to get to Central Cemetery

With convenience and many newly opened routes, this place is about 22 minutes by car from the city center.

Train: City train service S7 (to the airport) stops at Zentralfriedhof station.

There is plenty of parking and you can even bring your car inside (for a fee).

Address: Main Gate (Tor 2), Simmeringer Hauptstraße 234, 1110 Vienna | website

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