Sigmund Freud museum on bus rental service in Vienna

Sigmund Freud museum on bus rental service in Vienna

Sigmund Freud museum - a very special museum and well worth your time to visit. When you come to Vienna, you will be overwhelmed by many great architectural works. And you will feel confused as to which place to visit first.

Why it called the "Sigmund Freud Museum"?

Why is it called the "Sigmund Freud Museum"?

Because this place was built in 1971 and preserves many stories about the life of a neurologist, an Austrian psychologist and a Jew - Sigmund Freud. He is the one who laid the foundation and developed the theory of psychoanalysis. 

In 1938, as a teenager, Sigmund Freud was forced to leave his hometown and flee to London. He later taught at the University of Vienna. Although he was not born in Vienna, he spent nearly 80 years of his life in the Austrian capital. All of his important events, wooden columns that shocked humanity around the world. And his great inventions kept in this museum located in Vienna. 

Besides, this place also covers the history of psychoanalysis. In 2003, this museum named Sigmund Freud belonged to the newly established Sigmund Freud Foundation, and from then on, all funding for the museum will be received by the Sigmund Freud Foundation for repair and renovation. 

Located in the Alsergrund district, at Berggasse 19, Sigmund Freud Museum attracts many tourists to visit. MBS87 will explore this museum with you right now!

Walk around and explore the Sigmund Freud Museum

The moment you step inside this building, you will realize that this is not only a normal Sigmund Freud memorial site, but also a place to preserve the spiritual values and great thoughts that Sigmund Freud spent most of his life researching and contributing to humanity today. The total area of this great work is up to 550 square meters, a very comfortable space for all exhibitions.

Entering the first part of the building, there is a small cafe where you can buy and enjoy. While learning about the meaning that each work wants to convey. In the mezzanine of this building, in the past, this was the place where Sigmund Freud used to treat his patients. 

Currently, this place used to display an art collection about wonderful therapy sessions and is a place to store every trace and every object that the psychologist ever used. This collection initiated in the mid-1990s by American artist Joseph Kosuth. Some works of some famous artists have displayed here, such as artists John Baldessari, Pier Paolo, Susan Hiller,... 

Next to this treatment room is Sigmund Freud's private room,in there, all of his furniture is kept intact and placed in the exact position that Sigmund Freud once arranged. Going to the first floor is a floor containing the science of psychoanalysis. Because it contains more than 40,000 works about psychoanalysis.

The life of Sigmund Freud and his family is conveyed to visitors through historical photos, memorabilia and works of art. And because all of the building's layout and items that Sigmund Freud used are left in their original positions, this will give visitors the most authentic experience at his workplace.

When should you visit the Sigmund Freud Museum?

When should you visit the Sigmund Freud Museum?

You can visit at any time. However, you should note the dates of three annual exhibitions held at the museum: one introducing art, the other conveying to audiences the cultural heritage that Sigmund Freud created - his life and career, and the final session is an exhibition on the development of psychoanalysis in both theory and practice and the importance of psychoanalysis to different fields.

In the museum area there is a small cafe. You can stop by to buy a cup of coffee and then participate in exhibitions here. Or you can simply come sit, look at the works of art arranged in the shop's premises and relax. Right in this modern cafe, a large mural of Sigmund Freud watches over goings-on.

How to get to this place?

How to get to the Sigmund Freud Museum?

MBS87 is here to assist you with this. You just need a bus rental Vienna or minibus rental Austria, MBS87 will take you to explore the famous capital city and this great Sigmund Freud Museum

We will accompany you on your steps to visit the Sigmund Freud Museum, learning about the life and career of this famous psychologist. An interesting experience at Sigmund Freud Museum will definitely make you very excited, especially for tourists who are or are psychologists, tourists who love to learn about the history of great men. core. 

We at MBS87 hope to see you one day soon and we will explore the Sigmund Freud Museum together.

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