Explore the Hofburg Palace on the bus rental in Vienna

Explore the Hofburg Palace on the bus rental in Vienna

A former royal palace in the heart of Austria's capital Vienna, Hofburg Palace was built in the 13th century. And from that time, this palace has gone through many empires. Today, Hofburg becomes the workplace of the President of Austria. MBS87 will help you learn more about Hofburg palace.

History of Hofburg Palace formation

History of Hofburg Palace formation

This work was built in 1297, under the reign of Habsburg King Rudolf. Then, when emperor Ferdinand I moved here in the 16th century, he expanded and created the Hofburg stronghold. 

In 1953, the Hofburg was renovated. The most prominent architecture in this project is Gothic architecture from the Renaissance and Rococo, Baroque, and classical periods. Existing for 600 years of history, Holfburg palace has been the place to "store" many important historical events, shocking the world, of Austria and Europe.

Located in the heart of Vienna, Hofburg palace stands out with its white color and dome-shaped architecture. Rarely is there an old architectural work where each door reflects a different period in history. 

The Habsburg dynasty built Hofburg palace as the "Winter Palace'' and Schonbrunn as the "Summer Palace". Hofburg palace alone has a total of 18 doors, 19 courtyards and 2600 rooms. And right at Hofburg palace, the last queen of France was born - Marie Antoinett.

Explore each part of Hofburg Palace

Explore each part of Hofburg Palace

Franz Joseph

This is an apartment that has been preserved intact to this day and allows visitors to visit. The apartment is extremely elaborately decorated with works of art created in the Flemish style. In addition, expensive items and items are displayed.

Queen Elisabeth's apartment

The next destination to visit is Queen Elisabeth's palace. Every architectural detail is meticulously designed and detailed down to every line. All the furniture and appliances are luxurious from the time of King Louis XIV. Besides, this apartment also hangs extremely expensive marble paintings. This is definitely a favorite place for feminine souls.

Alexander's apartment

This apartment is named after the Russian emperor - Alexander I. The most impressive thing in this apartment is the statue of King Charles I and Queen Zita, two extremely famous statues.

Queen Elisabeth Museum

Queen Elisabeth Museum - also known as "Sissi", is a favorite place for many tourists who want to learn about this queen during a private tour in Austria. Visiting the museum, visitors will learn about the aristocracy in the 19th century, and admire the gallery with more than 300 artifacts and precious portraits.

Royal Silver Collection

This is where visitors will see more than 7,000 artifacts related to royal life. At the same time, visitors will learn more about the culture and way of life of the royal family in the 19th century. The most impressive thing in this collection the long gold-plated tables. up to 10 meters. Looking at that golden table, you can imagine what a royal dinner is like.

Stroll around the palace grounds 

With large grounds and two large fountains, Hofburg Palace is an ideal shooting location for photographers and models. The majesty and age of this place "bring soul" into the photos. 

In addition, visitors can also walk around the campus, admiring ancient traces of history, doors imprinted with stories of the ages,... Surely when you come to Hofburg palace, you will There will be an unforgettable experience and emotion.

When should you visit Hofburg palace? 

When should you visit Hofburg palace?

The palace will be open to visitors from 9 a.m. until 5.30 p.m. on all days of the week. Particularly in July and August, Hofburg Palace will be open until 6 p.m to serve more during the peak time of the tourist season. 

Hofburg Palace is also known as "Winter Palace''. However, Hofburg Palace is not only beautiful in winter. The reason why Hofburg palac called "Winter Palace'' is because during this icy season, the royal family will stay here. And when summer comes, they will move to the "Summer Palace'' - Schonbrunn. 

And no matter what season it is, Hofburg palace is always beautiful, always standing there and always open to welcome tourists who want to learn about the culture, history and architecture of Austria in particular and of humanity. Besides, you can take a look at our bus rental service in Austria or coach rental wien to find the best service for you and your family or team.

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