Where are the best places to celebrate Halloween in Europe?

Where are the best places to celebrate Halloween in Europe?

"Places to celebrate Halloween in Europe" is a question on the lips of thrill-seekers and holiday enthusiasts alike. In this blog, we will embark on a thrilling journey to discover the best destinations to get your Halloween spirits soaring. 

Top 1 - Best places to celebrate Halloween in Europe: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is the place to spend Halloween in Europe for a warm and vibrant atmosphere and a cackling good time. 

For a spooky, dark experience in Amsterdam, you should not miss out on their annual Ghost Walk. The experienced guide will take listeners through the city’s history and its most haunted areas, while sharing stories and some local brews to warm up.

Afterward, stop by Jacob Hooy Apothecary for any medical needs, or just want something sweet like chocolate turtle brittle. They have an amazing selection of sweets there too (especially if winter is coming). 

Finally, head over to Pathe Tuschinski theatre, where they show movies all night long, including classic horror films like Vincent Van Gogh's paintings that come alive when darkness falls.

Top 1 - Best places to celebrate Halloween in Europe: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Top 1. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Top 2 - Best places to celebrate Halloween in Europe: Copenhagen, Denmark

Head to Copenhagen for three weeks of Halloween celebrations. You can find decorations, themed market stalls, and activities like pumpkin carving at Tivoli Park before the holiday begins on October 31st. 

There are also stage performances throughout this beautiful park during those days. Don't forget about all of those NZ-made costumes that will be roaming around looking authentic (and maybe even sparkly)? 

The best part: It's estimated that up to 20000 pumpkins line their streets each year... so many choices. Make sure you try out one or two new recipes too, they might just become your favorite thing ever.

Top 3 - Best places to celebrate Halloween in Europe: Prague, Czech Republic

The gothic architecture of old Prague is the perfect backdrop for All Hallows Eve. Straight out of a fairytale, Daliborka Tower dates back to the 14th century and holds a dark past that includes being used as both prisons until 1781 but also named after its first inmate who played violin in this very spot until his execution MACABRE HISTORIANS will be drawn here.

They can explore the Museum Of Medieval Torture Instruments with more than 80 unique devices used on criminals throughout history, including those depicted by spine surgeons or iron masters.

Top 3. Prague, Czech Republic

Top 3. Prague, Czech Republic

Top 4. Barcelona, Spain

The best way to experience Halloween in Barcelona is by participating in traditional festivities. Visitors can take a walking tour and see some of its most famous cemeteries, such as Montjuic cemetery or Poblenou, with a rich history that dates back centuries to when they first came into existence.

If you're looking for something more modern but still authentic, try out one of the ghost hunts, where participants will get clues about their surroundings through mysterious melodies played on instruments like harp , flute etc., all, while exploring different areas around town which have been specially set up, especially during this event.

Traveling to Barcelona, Spain through European coach hire is a splendid way to embark on an unforgettable journey. Barcelona, with its rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant culture, offers a multitude of attractions waiting to explored. 

Top 5. Derry, Ireland

The locals of Derrynane, Ireland celebrate an ancient festival that traces its roots back to Celtic tradition. The city's largest Halloween celebration lasts the whole month and concludes with a massive carnival in October, where people dress up their pumpkins as jack o’ lanterns from turnip carvings thought to ward off spirits.

The annual Derry Halloween celebration is one of the most heavily attended in Europe, with tens of thousands traveling from all over to experience this spooky weekend. 

This year's festival will expanded into two smaller townships outside city limits, as they mark their biggest-ever event. Ensure you'll have a great time celebrating anything, if it involves horror or fun.

As our journey through the best places to celebrate Halloween in Europe comes to a close, we hope you now equipped with a hauntingly impressive list of destinations to add to your travel bucket list.

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