Top 15+ essential items: Must have for European travel

Top 15+ essential items: Must have for European travel

You are planning a trip to Europe with your family but don't know how to choose the necessary items you must have for European travel? In this article, MBS87 will share with you some of the most important tips and items for when traveling to Europe. Thereby, helping you have the most enjoyable experience for your journey.

Discover in detail the must have for European travel 

Things must have for European travel: European travel insurance

Travel insurance is a necessary thing you must have for European travel. If you are sick and need to go to the hospital, the insurance company will support and pay your expenses. Travel insurance not only compensates for damages when your luggage is lost but also pays for hotel rooms and air tickets when canceling the trip. Buying European travel insurance is buying peace of mind, so you should buy it. And travel insurance is essential to get a Visa to travel to other countries in Europe.

Things must have for European travel: Passport

European visa, also known as Schengen visa - Must have for European travel.  If you have this powerful visa in hand, you will be able to enter 26 Schengen countries. 

Carrying a Visa is very important, without it you will not be allowed to enter border gates to move to European countries. So don't forget to apply for a visa, but don't worry, MBS 87 service will help you do that.

Things must have for European travel: Small phone backup charger

One of the must have travel accessories for Europe is a backup phone charger. The device will help you use your phone all day without having to plug it in to charge because phone batteries have limitations.

Not only that, the phone backup charger is small but extremely useful. It can help people in emergencies, especially when you need to use Google Maps to find your way to the hotel but your phone is out of battery.

Things must have for European travel: Smartphone and camera

Smartphones are a must have for European travel that you need to prepare. In addition, you should bring a camera to store beautiful moments in the most authentic way. Don't forget to add a memory card and charger for your camera!

Smartphone, camera

Discover in detail the must have for European travel

Things must have for European travel: Multi-function travel power socket

The most common types of power outlets in Europe include types C, E, F and G. Therefore, we recommend that you bring a universal travel power outlet. This item can be used in most European countries (except Italy and Switzerland).

The universal travel power outlet has a USB port and is equipped with a fuse to protect your devices in case of power surges. This is considered a must have for European travel and helps you get the optimal experience for your journey.

Necessary medical equipment

You should bring items such as hand sanitizer, eye drops, antiseptics, pain relievers, and cold medicine because you have not adapted to the weather. In addition, anti-motion sickness and insect prevention medications are also essential when traveling to Europe.


To have the best trip experience, toiletries are a must have item for European travel. You should prepare yourself products such as shampoo, sunscreen, moisturizer, reusable water bottles... Don't forget to bring a bag containing items and toiletries for more convenience during the move transfer.

Virtual Private Network 

You may be surprised that Virtual Private Networks are on the list of must have travel items for europe. However, when searching for information online, you will find many websites recommending you to bring this device when traveling.Rent a bus in Europe. 

Perhaps most important is the security of a Virtual Private Network. When you use Wifi networks at coffee shops, airports, Airbnb or hotels, you can have your passwords, credit cards and ID cards hacked. Virtual private networks protect sensitive personal data on your devices with just one click. That's why we recommend taking your Virtual Personal Network with you when you go Rent a car to travel in Europe Nice trip to Europe alone.

Shoes, gloves, scarves

Prepare yourself with a pair of comfortable shoes to accompany your trip to Europe. Depending on the weather and environment in each area, you can choose shoes or sandals with good durability. Can accompany you through long and difficult roads.

In addition, when traveling to Europe in winter, gloves and scarves are a must have for European travel. Thereby, helping you have a safe trip with your family and friends.


When it comes to must haves for European travel, of course money cannot be ignored. This is a means to help you pay for your European trip. You can bring a debit card even with a credit card, but prepare some cash because it is essential for some important cases during the trip.

Travel bags, travel backpacks, suitcases

We have 3 options must have for european travel to transport and pack your belongings for your independent European travel:

  • Travel bags
  • A suitcase with wheels
  • Travel backpack

Each of these options has pros and cons, so it depends on each person's preferences.

Travel bags, travel backpacks, suitcases

Travel bags, travel backpacks, suitcases

Suitcase with wheels: A suitcase with wheels won't put the weight on your back and will generally be better organized. Soft shell suitcases fit almost anywhere and don't get damaged easily. Hard-shell suitcases will protect any fragile items, but they can easily crack if thrown around.

Travel backpack: Aim for spacious backpacks with plenty of pockets to hold your stuff. Travel backpacks are essential items when traveling all day. You can stuff everything you need into your backpack and take it with you throughout your journey. In particular, it is quite light and easy to fold and store in a suitcase if not needed.

Travel bags: Travel bags have the advantage of being quite compact to hold extremely necessary items such as phones and medications, helping you not have to waste time opening a large suitcase or backpack to take things out. With its compact and flexible nature, you don't need to be afraid to tuck it under the chair or carry it in your hand…

Important notes that you must have for European travel

Whichever you end up choosing, make sure it's the right size and fits your packing list when arriving in Europe. Choose a color that stands out from all the regular black bags you see everywhere. Your bag will be easier to spot than many other bags and will reduce the chance of someone else accidentally taking it. Don't forget to tag or write your name on your backpack to ensure you don't forget or lose it.

Important notes that you must have for European travel

Important notes that you must have for European travel

Having a detailed itinerary is a must have for European travel. However, planning an itinerary will be quite difficult if you have no experience traveling. But don't worry too much, MBS87 can do it for you.

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