Cost of a trip to Europe: How much is it?

Cost of a trip to Europe: How much is it?

The cost of a trip to Europe is a crucial consideration when travel to Europe.. Let break down the expenses to help you budget effectively.

Why cost of a trip to Europe is high?

In order for the trip to be complete and comfortable, of course you must have a specific plan about where you will go. As a continent with an extremely developed economy, Europe is an advanced continent and the living standards of its people are quite high. Therefore, the prices of goods and services here are also quite high.

Why cost of a trip to Europe is high?

The average cost of a trip to Europe for a tourist ranges from 3000 - 6000 euro. Prices will vary depending on the number of passengers in the group, the standard of living in the city you want to visit, the length of your trip to Europe and the individual needs of each passenger. This requires you to research carefully to have an accurate cost of a trip in Europe to prepare.

What costs do you need to travel to Europe?

The cost of a trip to Europe will always be a problem that frustrates many passengers because they do not know where to start and what the actual cost is for each item. Let MBS87 help you list the costs of your trip to Europe.

What costs do you need to travel to Europe?

What costs do you need to travel to Europe?

Visa and passport fees

This is your important travel ticket when entering any country. Depending on when you submit your visa application, the Consulate will set different fees. Normally, the visa cost will be around 100 - 120 euro in total cost of a trip to Europe depending on the country you go to and will usually take 1 - 3 months to process.

Expenses for necessary items

First, you will need a suitcase or backpack - if you are going on a short trip. After that, you also need to go shopping and buy some favorite things for the Europe trip, some clothes (clothes for photography, pajamas, clothes for special places,...), personal belongings and electronic devices. This investment will depend on each passenger's preferences and will usually account for about 500 euro in the total cost of a trip to Europe.

Moving expenses

If you want to save money, you can travel in economy class with a price of 500 - 1500 euro/ticket, or if you want to enjoy the business class cabins, you can buy yourself tickets for 2500 euro/ticket or higher.

Next, you will need a vehicle to travel to tourist destinations or other nearby countries in Europe. You can choose to take the train or use our MBS87 minibus rental europe. Depending on the distance and travel time during the trip, the bus rental fee will account for about 700 - 900 euro/day in the total cost of a trip to Europe.

These are especially necessary travel expenses. In addition, there will be additional travel costs such as moving from hotel - airport, from hotel - tourist destination, traveling for personal needs/issues,... Therefore, you should spend about 500 euro in the cost of a trip to Europe for this problem.

Cost of stay

You need to calculate travel time so you can proactively rent a hotel room. You should contact the hotel reception early to book a room because during peak season, hotels can run out of rooms quickly or room prices will be high. 

If you want to save money, you can stay in cheap rooms around 15 - 50 euro/night, mid-range rooms can cost about 100 - 150 euro. And if you want to enjoy good hotel services, room prices can range from 200 - 400 euro/night. And you will need about 1000 euro in total cost of trip in Europe for accommodation.

Next is the food cost, including main meals and snacks. Depending on the characteristics of each restaurant, each dish, etc. The price of each meal will be different, usually fluctuating around 20 euro/ meal and for a trip you need to prepare about 300 euro in total cost of a trip in Europe for food.

Another very necessary cost is the sightseeing fee. Some attractions will be free to enter, others will not. Therefore, you need to carefully research those locations to prepare an appropriate budget.

Costs incurred

In addition to food and accommodation costs, you will need to prepare expenses for emergencies. Of course we will never want bad things to happen, but if we are mentally prepared, whether it happens or not, we will not panic or be afraid, especially when you are in other country. You will need about 50 euro/day to travel in Europe, and it will be about 200 euro in total cost of a trip in Europe.

Join MBS87 to enjoy an affordable cost of a trip to Europe

You must have felt overwhelmed by the information that MBS87 mentioned above. These are the most basic and necessary things for a cost of trip to Europe. Don't hesitate, let MBS87 support you on this trip. We will support you with everything and make your trip to Europe the most comfortable and relaxing one. 

Join MBS87 to enjoy an affordable cost of a trip to Europe

MBS87 offers affordable cost of a trip to Europe

We at MBS87 are a company specializing in organizing European tours, and providing bus rental services across countries in Europe. With more than 10 years of experience in the field of tourism, we always promptly update the economic situation of the tourism market and passenger’s tastes so that we can offer tours in Europe at affordable prices but still of perfect quality. 

Our bus rental in Europe service spreads across any territory of Europe, because we have headquarters in Paris and branches across European countries. Therefore, it is very easy for us to organize a private tour to any country in Europe just for you. 

The special thing here is that we will calculate all the costs for you, the most basic and necessary costs for a trip in Europe will be calculated specifically for you. And we will give you a quote and free consultation.

Don't let the cost issue hinder your dream of traveling to Europe. Let's prepare costs for a trip to Europe with MBS87.

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