7 Reasons why you should solo travel in Ireland

7 Reasons why you should solo travel in Ireland

Solo travel in Ireland is an adventure like no other, offering a unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty that beckons to the solo wanderer. In this article, we'll uncover seven compelling reasons why you should embark on a solo journey through the picturesque landscapes and charming towns of Ireland.

Solo travel in Ireland has no language barrier

Travelling alone in Ireland was easy as an English speaker because there was no language barrier. However, I will admit that the accent tripped me up a few times!

Although Irish is the official language, it’s only spoken on a daily basis in pockets of the Gaeltacht regions. Even then, it’s extremely rare for someone to not also be fluent in English.

Most street signs in the Republic of Ireland are bilingual, but some in the rural areas of the Gaeltacht are in Irish only. Since I was using a GPS for driving directions, this wasn’t an issue.

Solo travel in Ireland is a remarkable experience, allowing you to discover the country's rich history, stunning landscapes, and warm hospitality at your own pace. Ireland's ancient castles, rolling green hills, and charming villages await exploration.

While navigating the picturesque Irish countryside independently is enticing, for those seeking both the freedom of solo travel and the ease of transportation, considering minibus hire with driver Europe can be a smart choice.

Solo travel in Ireland has no language barrier

Friendliness and easy talking of the locals make your solo travel in Ireland worthy

I’ve always heard that the Irish are a friendly bunch. Sure it’s a bit of a generalization, but my experience travelling solo in Ireland proved it to be true on more occasions than not.

It was easy to start up a conversation with a stranger, even as an introvert, because the locals were always up for a chat. On many occasions, asking a simple question would turn into a half hour discussion. Yes, the Irish sure do like to talk!

It was this friendly disposition and penchant for conversation that made Ireland a great place to travel solo. Even though I was alone in Ireland for two weeks, I never once felt lonely.

Friendliness and easy talking of the locals make your solo travel in Ireland worthy

Meet other friendly travellers when solo travel in Ireland

As you are travelling alone in Ireland, you started to wonder if the Irish’s reputation for being friendly attracted travelers who were sociable as well.

Just like the locals, most travelers you meet are also approachable and receptive to conversation.

It’s definitely not a case of opposites attract in Ireland. You are convinced that places with friendly, easy-going people in turn attract friendly, easy-going travelers.

Bed and breakfasts- A home away from home when solo travel in Ireland

Ireland is the land of B&Bs and guesthouses. Finding a cozy room that felt like a home away from home wasn’t difficult.

Affordable accommodations and single rooms

Accommodations can be the most expensive part of a trip, especially when you’re travelling alone and have no one to split the costs with. The good thing about solo travel in Ireland is that single rooms in B&Bs are easy to find. Why pay for 2 beds when you only need one?

Being able to book a single room rather than a twin was a great way to cut down on expenses. You never paid more than $100 CAD/night, with most of your rooms being around $70.

Affordable accommodations and single rooms

It doesn’t feel weird to eat alone

It sometimes feels awkward to eat in a restaurant by yourself, but in Ireland it didn’t feel strange at all.

The good thing about solo travel in Ireland is that the pubs serve delicious food so if you really don’t like eating alone, you can always go sit at the bar where you’ll surely find plenty of people to talk to.

It doesn’t feel weird to eat alone

Ireland is safe for you to solo travel

In general, Ireland is a very safe country to visit.

There's no reason to avoid going here, especially if you follow basic travel safety rules, which should minimize the risk of something going wrong.

In fact, Ireland is among the safest countries not just in Europe but also in the world and that's fantastic news, as there is so much to see and do in Ireland.

Ireland is safe for you to solo travel

Ireland was a perfect destination to embark on a solo road trip. The usual things that can make solo travel stressful- not speaking the language, safety concerns, and unhelpful locals- were not a factor in Ireland.

In fact, it was the people that made Ireland such a pleasure to visit. Sure there’s stunning scenery, delicious food, and an interesting history, but knowing that people are welcoming you, looking out for you, and genuinely wanting to get to know you, that takes a good trip and makes it great. Is it enough for you to solo travel in Ireland?

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