Bus rental service for Budapest to Szimpla Kert

Bus rental service for Budapest to Szimpla Kert

Szimpla Kert is a ruin bar, or “romkocsma”, which means "Simple Garden" in Hungarian. Szimpla Kert is located in the Jewish Quarter of district 7, Budapest, Hungary. Come on coach hire for Budapest to explore the activities taking place at Szimpla Kert.


Szimpla Kert was the first dilapidated pub in Budapest, Hungary and opened in 2002. However, the original location of Szimpla Kert was not in its current location, but a few blocks away. In 2004, a dilapidated area at 14 Kazincy Street - a stove manufacturing factory - was demolished. The four owners of Szimpla Kert decided to move the pub to this location to increase its space to create multiple areas with different decorations and uses. 

The original idea was to turn this place into a place that provides a relaxing space to socialize and gather with friends and family. The concept of ruined bars, or ruined pubs, originates from the fact that these places used to be bars. Later it was no longer used as bars but was often used for many other purposes. 

Overview of Szimpla Kert

And these dilapidated bars like Szimpla Kert are abundant in Budapest and are also very famous in the nightlife of this Hungarian capital. Regular activities at Sizimpla Kert include film screenings, live music performances, art galleries, the Kazinczy Living library, the Szimpla farmers market and the Szimpla Bringa bicycle flea market.

Szimpla Kert's maximum capacity can be up to 600 people and they usually welcome about 6000 guests in/out a night, 80% of which are tourists from all over the world. And during Sziget festival season - one of Europe's largest music and culture festivals held around August in the north of Budapest, the number of visitors to the pub can be double the normal statistics.

Explore Szimpla Kert one afternoon

Unlike other modern bars, Szimpla Kert is characterized by shabby buildings, old wall stickers, intact decorations,... on the outside, everything seems very chaotic, but when Combined together, under the hands of artisans, Szimpla Kert becomes a place that attracts many tourists because of its "uniqueness". 

Don't be too surprised if you suddenly see a bicycle hanging from the ceiling, a bathtub used as a chair for couples in love, or a robot dancing in a box. Graffiti art curls up on the walls, tables and chairs, most of which are not really "tables and chairs" but are just household items that can reused and converted into "tables and chairs".

At the top of the building there is also a large outdoor space. Often used for movie screenings, outdoor concerts, or lively parties. To get to that space, from the door, you have to go through a narrow hallway to a spiral staircase. 

In addition to the outdoor space, Szimple Kert also has dozens of rooms of different sizes and decorations. Catering to different tastes and numbers of guests. Overall, you can see a "chaos" in the decoration style. However that "chaos" becomes the unique features that are only found in dilapidated pubs like Szimpla Kert.

Explore Szimpla Kert one afternoon

Besides the bars, there is also a counter specializing in selling small souvenirs. Bearing the breath of Central European culture, characteristics of Budapest in particular and Hungary in general. If you can't find this counter, ask the bar staff and they will direct you there.

Every Sunday, from 9am to 2pm, there is no longer a dilapidated bar but has transformed into a garden with many different agricultural products. The farmers' market is held in Szimpla Kert once a week and attracts many people to visit and shop. Agricultural product suppliers bring here fresh vegetables and mushrooms and hot bread. 

And upstairs, there is a restaurant serving lunch with a menu of fresh agricultural products being sold downstairs. Besides bars, Szimpla Kert also serves coffee drinks and has free wifi. You can relax and admire the unique but extremely nostalgic decorations in a quiet space during the day.

In the evenings, of course it's the time for drinking parties. Szimpla Kert will bring you to enjoy many different types of drinks such as wine, beer, cocktails, wine... Besides alcoholic drinks, this place still serves non-alcoholic drinks for guests with preferences. own likes. Here is similar to other bars, you can order your own drinks, just tell the bartender. They will always be ready to serve you.

How to get to Szimpla Kert?

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