One-day fabulous tour of Hospital in the Rock

One-day fabulous tour of Hospital in the Rock

The Hospital in the Rock is a museum. It shows insight into countries. It was an air raid shelter in WWII. An emergency hospital treated soldiers. Images of treatment displayed. It defends against nuclear attacks.

The birth of the Hospital in the Rock

The Károly Szendy build Hospital in the Rock, the mayor of the Hungarian capital. He ordered the construction of an emergency hospital and reinforced bomb shelter beneath Buda Castle. Construction began in 1939. The emergency surgery center completed in 1944. It provides emergency care services for civilians. It is a place to care for and hide soldiers.

The birth of the Hospital in the Rock

Countess Edelsheim-Gyulai Ilona, the head nurse of the Hungarian Red Cross, was present at the opening of the Hospital in the Rock and worked as a nurse there. The hospital has about 40 doctors, nurses, and assistants. The large tunnel system, made entirely by hand, was used by castle residents and is believed to have been part of the penal system centuries ago.

The Attractive story

The 'Hospital in the Rock' was listed in the New York Times' top ten places to visit. It was nominated in the European Museum Awards. That welcomed visitors for the first time in 2007. It was still in its infancy as a tourist attraction in 2014.

The 'Hospital in the Rock' has a glorious history. It placed  in a natural cave system. It stretches about 10km and is located under Budapest's castle hill. The construction was entirely by hand. It has been in use since the medieval period. During World War II, it played a particularly important role in the city due to its unique sheltered location.

How to get to the Hospital in the Rock?

In 1937, the Air Raid Alarm Control Center "K" was the first room in the underground network designated for military purposes. It controlled air raid sirens in the castle area. The Minister of War and Karoly Szendy, the mayor of Budapest, decided to build a functioning hospital in the existing cave structure in the Castle District, which contained Hungarian government offices.

How to get to the Hospital in the Rock? 

The hospital in the Stone Museum is located in the heart of Europe, under Buda Castle. It played an extremely important role and saved many lives as a secret base when authorities developed it into a nuclear shelter during the Cold War.

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How to get to the Hospital in the Rock?

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