Eger Blood Red Wine and Health Town

Eger Blood Red Wine and Health Town

Eger is the second largest city in Northern Hungary, capital of Heves County, east of the Matra Mountains. Eger is a highly appreciated tourist destination thanks to its many historical buildings and long tradition of wine production. This place impresses with the best wine in Hungary, lovely cobbled streets, thermal spas, and Baroque villas.... Eger is said to come from the Hungarian word égerfa.

Eger - The reasonable seasons in Eger to travel

According to my experience traveling to Hungary, it is best to go in the fall or spring. At this time the weather is quite pleasant, not too hot or cold, suitable for sightseeing and exploring the most attractive places.

Eger - The reasonable seasons in Eger to travel

Because it is located in the temperate region of the Northern Hemisphere, this is the intersection of continental climate, temperate maritime climate, and subtropical Mediterranean climate. Therefore, you should avoid going in the summer, especially June, July, and August because the temperature is very high, sometimes up to 35 degrees Celsius, feeling hot, affecting the trip.

Additionally, you can also travel in winter to enjoy the exciting cold experience and see the snowfall.

Well-known attention in Eger

Well-known attention in Eger

  • Eger Castle

One of Eger's biggest tourist attractions, this castle dates back to the 13th century. The castle was rebuilt in the 15th century in a Gothic style. The castle is huge and requires several hours to fully explore.

With a large area and ancient majestic architecture, it has a history dating back to the 13th century and was restored in the 15th century with o

The site has a complex and fascinating history, and the various buildings in the complex house museums. The Gothic Palace details the history of the castle and the famous siege of 1552. You can take a guided tour of the defensive levels below the castle, stroll through the mint museum house historical coins, and peruse the art gallery displaying works by famous Hungarian painters such as the realist Mihály Munkácsy.

  • Observatory, Lyceum Library

The Lyceum Observatory, also well worth the price, has a 53-meter-tall tower containing a small astronomy museum and an antique camera. The observatory praised for its baroque architecture. beautiful along with its educational collection. The magic hall in the building has many old laboratories and astronomical equipment. The building also houses a library and a planetarium. It is one of the Eger tourist destinations suitable for families.

The Lyceum founded by Bishop Eszterházy Károly, the main university building designed by József Gerl and Jakab Fellner and built between 1765 and 1785. The Lyceum organized as a masterpiece of the Zopf Baroque style.

This building painted by Austrian artist Johann Lukas Kracker in 1778. To depict the Welsh Assembly that led the Reformation in the 1500s.

The library has more than 130,000 rare books, and medieval manuscripts on fine oak shelves.

A special feature of this library a letter written by Mozart in Hungary, which is the only letter he wrote while visiting this country.


Eger is famous for its two blends: red Egri Bikavér and white Egri Csillag thanks to the lush forest soil covering volcanic rhyolite with limestone and broken rocks. About 86 miles northeast of Budapest, Eger has been identified by scientists as having 30 million-year-old wine grape fossils among the vineyards of Eger today.

Meanwhile, Egri Csillag, known as Star of Eger, is blended from at least 4 types of white grapes with a minimum of 50% native grapes. Some possible candidates include Leányka, Királyleányka, Furmint, Hárslevelü, Zengö, and Zenit. The wine is very aromatic, bursting with notes of white flowers and tropical fruits. The tartness of pineapple, citrus, and lychee blends with almonds in the mouth with a crisp finish.

A place where great wines are stored and made.

  • Underground tunnel

The tunnels built in the 17th century when the city taken over by the Ottoman Empire. The tunnels stretch for 4 km and also used as wine cellars. You will need a few hours to explore these tunnels when visiting Eger. Multilingual tours of these cool tunnels are available year-round, starting at every hour.

You can tour the rooms with Escher-style pillars, at the complex connection point in the cellar system where 14 galleries meet.

  • Valley of beauties

Wineries and Wine Cellars are one of Eger's top attractions. At this Eger tourist destination, you can try Egri Bikaver wine, which means bull's blood. While quality can vary from grower to grower, Egri Bikavér is consistently strong and goes well with red meat and spicy foods.

Now the place to enjoy wine in Eger is the Valley of Beauty, a 15-minute walk from the town center and with more than 40 wine cellars side by side.

How to get to Eger by bus?

How to get to Eger by bus?

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