Let's travel on bus rental for Tatabánya

Let's travel on bus rental for Tatabánya

Embark on an unforgettable journey with our reliable bus rental for Tatabánya, and discover the hidden gems of this charming Hungarian city.

Overview of Tatabanya

It is a small city, about 55 kilometers from the Hungarian capital and is a railway and road junction. There is a railway and motorway from Vienna to Budapest, both of which are accessible via Tatabánya. Therefore, a cross-country tour, Vienna - Tatabanya - Budapest, is quite a popular tour and suitable for passengers with interests in both Austria and Hungary.

Overview of Tatabanya

History has recorded that Tatabanya has signs of being inhabited by Stone Age people. Alsógalla, Felsőgalla and Phaoda were the three most popular settlements of that time in Tatabánya. Among them, Cakeda is the earliest settlement, first mentioned in 1288.

Some famous places in Tatabanya

Turul Monument

The Turul Monument is about 65 kilometers from Budapest, just follow the road signs. Turul is a mythological bird of prey. In Hungarian legend, Turul is depicted as a hawk or falcon. At the same time, Turul is one of the national symbols of Hungary. 

According to Hungarian legend, Turul was considered a symbol of the Árpád dynasty from the 9th to 10th centuries. The image of Turul appearing when Emese's mother conceived was recorded in ancient texts, so this bird acts as a guardian spirit for the minor emperor Álmos. 

Today, the Turul bird is used as the insignia of the Hungarian Defense Forces, the Counter-Terrorism Center and the Hungarian National Security Office. From the Turul Monument you will have a panoramic view of nature and the city of Tatabanya. On the path around the monument there are many stones from different periods, including stones from the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods.

Tatabanya Museum

Established in 1971, Tatabanya Museum exhibits works from the New Age and Modernity. The purpose of the Tatabanya Museum is to store important historical information, especially the field of oil exploitation and lifestyle culture of Komárom-Esztergom County from the 19th to 20th centuries. 

Today, the number of works in the collection is about 100,000. And in 2001, Tatabánya Museum received the title "Museum of the Year" and the award "For Tatabánya Culture"


This cave is actually not difficult to find and is close to the Turul monument. Both of these tourist destinations have the same parking lot for tourists and are both free. Selim-barlang is 14 meters high and 45 meters long. Historically, this place has often been a refuge for residents for many centuries. The cave recognized as an archaeological site relatively late. 

In 1932, Hubert Kessler, the first person to promote cave research, began excavations. Here, people have excavated many ruins, from fireplaces, stoves, carvings, animal bones and human remains, including some recorded ruins from the period of Turkish invasion. Ky.

Bus rental for Tatabánya to travel

A trip to Tatabanya is extremely easy and simple with MBS87. We are a company that specializes in organizing private tours in Europe and also provides coach hire for passengers from around the world who wish to explore not only Tatabánya but also other places in European countries, such as Budapest (the capital of Hungary) with coach rental Budapest. MBS87 we have:

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Bus rental for Tatabánya has diverse means

So let's get on the bus rental for Tatabánya with MBS87.

What are you waiting for? Tatabanya is always ready to welcome you and MBS87 to visit and explore. We will always be ready to advise and quote prices for all minibus rental Hungary in particular, and private tours in Europe in general. See you at the nearest private tour for Tatabanya.

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