Travel on bus rental service in Budapest to Children's Railway

Travel on bus rental service in Budapest to Children's Railway

Coming to Budapest, go to the railway line with this cute name - Children's Railway. Join MBS87 to explore this interesting place on the coach rental Budapest trip.

Overview of Children's Railway

Gyermekvasút, or Children's Railway in English, is a narrow gauge railway in Budapest, connecting Széchenyihegy and Hűvösvölgy, about 12 kilometers long. Gyermekvasút's old name was Gyermekvasút (Pioneer railway - because this place was related to the communist scouts). 

The train driver is an adult, and the station operator will be a child from 10 to 14 years old who works with the adults.

Overview of Children's Railway

In 1947, the Hungarian State Railways company (MÁV) decided that a railway run by children would be built, and construction began in November 1948. In March 1950, this railway was opened. But then, during the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, the railway was closed and fortunately it was not damaged. 

In 1957, the Children's railway reopened and in addition, a museum right at Hűvösvölgy station was also inaugurated. This museum specializes in displaying objects of the Communist era.

Take a tour around here

45 minutes on a Children's Railway train out of the city and into the lush green forests. That scene will definitely make you very relaxed and at ease. You and MBS87, let's take a train together at Children's Railway.

Take a tour around the Children's Railway

A train at Children’s Railway

Children's Railway trains usually run 7 days a week (including holidays). Travel time between stations is about 40 - 50 minutes. On different holidays, Children's Railway also decorates according to each holiday's theme. 

You can refer to the train schedules at the Children's Railway website or contact us at MBS87. MBS87 will arrange a bus rental service in Budapest to pick you up and take you to the Gyermekvasút station, assisting you in arranging tour and travel time on the train to suit your trip.

When entering the first station in Budapest, you will easily see images of girls and boys wearing red, blue and white uniforms, looking extremely cute and lively. The children will check tickets, welcome you on arrival and say goodbye as you leave the station. And children will work at the station on holidays or free days. In addition, you can see adults working at the station as engineers, train drivers, supervisors,...

The starting point of the Children's Railway is Széchenyihegy station and the final destination is Hűvösvölgy. In addition to the above two locations, trains also regularly stop at 6 locations: Normafa, Csillebérc, Virág Valley, Jánoshegy, Szépjuhászné and Hárshegy. Next to the exit of Hűvösvölgy station, there is a museum that often exhibits works introducing the history of Gyermekvasút and a shop souvenirs.

Activities at Gyermekvasút

Because some trains pass through forests, this place often organizes knowledge sessions about Forests and unique activities related to the environment, thereby attracting many teenage visitors. , students and families with small children.

Every season of the year, Gyermekvasút always organizes decorations according to different cute themes. In winter, Christmas is always a favorite day of Europeans, especially children. On Children's Railway trains operating these days, some trains are decorated with various scenes, many objects related to Christmas and Santa Claus. 

In the spring and summer, on the trains there will often be performances, dancing, singing, and playing the guitar by children. On International Children's Day, the anniversary of Children's Railway, the adults at the station often organize programs for the children working there and the children who come to travel on the train. 

During the Halloween season, in fall, Children's Railway will also decorate with an extremely cute and eye-catching Halloween concept.

How to get to Children's Railway?

This is a special railway that MBS87 thinks that many visitors when arriving in Budapest want to experience once. The cuteness of the children working at the station, the flexible schedule of the trains, the outside scenery very close to nature,... all the things at Children's Railway leave a lasting impression on tourists. guests with memorable and gentle impressions. 

How to get to Children's Railway?

We at MBS87 will support you so you can have the best experience at this Gyermekvasút. Because we are a company specializing in organizing tours and bus rental Hungary. We have branches in every city in Europe, so wherever you are, you just need to contact us. MBS87 will immediately arrange a bus rental service at your location, pick you up and take you to experience at Children's Railway

And if you have any special requests about this experience, you can also feel free to tell us. MBS87 has an extremely professional staff, always ready to solve customers' needs when necessary. So, please contact us, you will have a meaningful and memorable visit to Children's Railway.

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