A coach hire in Budapest to travel Central Market Hall

A coach hire in Budapest to travel Central Market Hall

The Great Market Hall, or Central Market Hall, is the largest and oldest market in Budapest, Hungary. Today, Central Market Hall is one of the most famous shopping centers in the capital Budapest, frequently visited by locals and tourists. Let's take a look around Central Market Hall on our private tour in Budapest with MBS87.

Overview of Central Market Hall

Central Market Hall, or in Hungarian called "Nagy Vásárcsarnok" or "Központi Vásárcsarnok". This building is located at the end of Váci Street, near the Freedom Bridge and the Corvinus University of Economics in Fővám Square. And this a market listed on the list of historical relics. 

Overview of Central Market Hall

The building was built in 1897 according to the design of Hungarian architect - Samu Pecz. During World War II, Central Market Hall was seriously damaged. In 1991, plans to renovate this building carried out, aiming to restore its original splendor. 

By 1997, the building was reopened. After 2 years, in 1999, Central Market Hall awarded the FIABCI Prix d'Excellence (a prestigious international award in the field of architecture).

Take a walk around The Great Market Hall

The Great Market Hall with an area of up to 10,000 square meters, has a total of three floors with many different stalls, each floor has a theme. At the entrance of the hall, what catches our eyes are the Neoclassical design lines. Let's take a tour around Central Market Hall with MBS87 on the bus rental service for Budapest.

Take a walk around The Great Market Hall


This is the floor for dishes, such as cakes, fresh products (meat, fish...), cheese, wine, liquor and Hungarian specialties. With the variety of goods and the variety of different product distributors. Each booth will certainly give you a different and very interesting experience. 

Ground floor

When you come here, you should try "langosz" - a specialty cake typical of Hungarian cuisine. With the main ingredients being flour, yeast, boiled mashed potatoes, milk, sugar, salt and cooking oil. After being baked, the cake often served with garlic sauce or garlic butter, or other toppings such as cream, sugar, grated cheese,...

Tourists who love cooking and want to cook a dish with the flavors of Hungary. Then buy a spice that is very common in Hungarian dishes, "paprika". Paprika a spice ground from the large, ripe, red fruit of the Capsicum Annuum plant. Also known as Bell Pepper or Sweet Pepper. Paprika has many spicy flavors, from not spicy to very spicy. The flavor will change depending on the city, province and other food's taste.

First floor

On this floor, there are many restaurants and stalls selling souvenirs and handicrafts that represent the cultural beauty of Hungary. One of the most commonly seen items on the first floor of The Great Market Hall are dolls dressed in traditional Hungarian costumes. All details embroidered by hand. 

There are also works that can used to decorate the interior, such as Hungarian Easter eggs, porcelain, leather items, wooden toys, etc. These items are very suitable as gifts for special occasions. birthdays or simply travel gifts to send to friends and family after finishing a private tour in Hungary.

Besides souvenir shops, the first floor of Central Market Hall also has restaurants specializing in serving Hungarian specialties. Here, you can taste all the unique flavors of dishes commonly found in Hungarian family meals. The price is also very affordable, the dishes are diverse,... will definitely bring you an interesting experience during your culinary discovery tour in Hungary on the bus rental service in Budapest.

How to get to Central Market Hall

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If you want to come shopping and visit Central Market Hall, please tell us, we will immediately pick you up on a coach hire in Budapest and take you right to this location, with you to enjoy every interesting thing here. So what are you waiting for, contact us now.

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