Take a bus rental for Székesfehérvár to enjoy a great trip

Enjoy your great trip by a bus rental for Székesfehérvár

Located on the Gaja River in the Sárrét region near Budapest, Székesfehérvár is the capital of Fejér in Central Hungary. This city boasts a plethora of museums, showcasing artifacts spanning from Roman times to the present day. To explore the city's rich history and culture, consider opting for a bus rental for Székesfehérvár with MBS87, ensuring a comprehensive and enjoyable tour of this remarkable destination.

Overview of Székesférvár

Thanks to its favorable geographical location, located on the Gaja River and in the Sárrét region near Budapest, the city of Székesférvár is the transportation and commercial center of the same Mezofold (a small plain) - specializing in growing tobacco, vegetables and grapes. 

This city is also very popular with people who like to travel because Székesfehérváris is located near Budapest - the capital of Hungary, so you only need a private tour in Budapest and you can visit Székesférvár at any time. Székesférvár carries some traces of ancient Rome in museums, in the 18th century cathedral - built by King Stephen I on the land of an 11th century church, and monasteries. ,... 

During the Roman period, Székesfehérvárwas also known as Alba Regia, and this place was the coronation place of the kings who ruled Hungary from 1027 - 1527 and was the national capital until the 14th century. From 1543 - 1686, this land was under Turkish administration and then transferred to Austria - Hungary. Come on, let's join MBS87 to list interesting places in Székesfehérvár.

Interesting places in Székesférvár

Bory Castle

If you visit Székesférvár in spring, you must definitely go to Bory Castle because of its sparkle and antiquity. This place is decorated with priceless items and has a long history. Right in the castle grounds, there is a small forest with large trees, a small lake and a statue. 

Overall Bory Castle looks like a poetic and gentle painting. There is an art museum in the castle, very suitable for guests who like quiet. In the afternoon, visitors can go to the observatory to see the sparkling beauty of the entire castle in the light of sunset.

King Stephen Museum

This is a museum located next to a large cathedral right near the central street. Standing out with yellow tones - a color representing the Royal Family, King Stephen Museum is a place to display artifacts and recreate all outstanding events during the reign of King Stephen. 

King Stephen Museum is a suitable place for guests who love to explore history or a suitable place for students to learn about a period of Hungarian history in general and Székesférvár in particular.

Székesfehérvár Diocesan Museum

The Diocese of Székesférvár is one of twelve dioceses in Hungary and a historically important diocese. The Székesférvár Diocesan Museum is like a book that preserves and passes on lessons and memorable milestones to future generations. And this place also often organizes very professional exhibitions, helping to bring the name "Diocese of Székesférvár" to more people around the world.

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Bus rental for Székesfehérvár offers you a great tour

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