Spandau. Citadel: venue for concerts and Renaissance fairs.

Spandau Citadel: venue for concerts and Renaissance fairs.

Spandau Citadel still has the intact Renaissance fortress Zitadelle. To see it, we have to walk 10 minutes. By crossing the small bridge across the moat, we will see a unique scene like returning to ancient times with countless historical buildings, The relics have stood tall and intact since the Middle Ages, preserved until the present. Today, the sixteenth-century Citadel is host to a wide variety of cultural events - from medieval festivals and banquets to concerts, plays, and shows.

Spandau Citadel's historical lineage

1557: The Swedish army was the first group to surround the Citadel to occupy it. Because of its solidity, stability, and favorable terrain, Citadel Spandau has not yet been overthrown.

1806: It was not until 1806 that Napoleon with his powerful army overthrew this place for the first time, the surrounding areas were rebuilt from the ruins to serve after the fierce battle...

1920: Annexed to Greater Berlin.

1935: Instead of the previous conversion, Citadel became a prison for prisoners, it was not until 1935 that this place was fully utilized and turned into a gas laboratory for military research. It took a more active role in the war effort during World War II as a line of defense during the epic battle of Berlin.

Spandau Citadel's historical lineage

It took a more active role in the war effort during World War II as a line of defense during the epic battle of Berlin.

Unable to breach its wall, the Soviet Union was forced to negotiate a surrender. After the war, the Citadel was occupied by Soviet troops until the division officially took place and Spandau ended up in the British sector. Despite persistent rumors, it was not used as a prison for National Socialist war criminals such as Rudolf Hess.

Today, the days of the Citadel's battles are carried out and the site is decorated. Opened to the public in 1989, it is one of the best-preserved fortresses of the Renaissance period with the Julius Tower holding the title of the oldest structure in Berlin (built around 1200).

Events & Attractions in Spandau Citadel

Events & Attractions in Spandau Citadel

Visitors can cross the bridge over the moat and enter the Citadel's grounds to admire its impressive walls and towers. As you enter the impressive fortress, you can easily imagine the sounds of the past - the neighing of horses and the screams of medieval knights. It's difficult to visualize the fort's dynamic shape from the ground, but the image helps illustrate its unique rectangular shape with four corner bastions. As a defensive fort, it was designed to be worthy of four fortresses connected by four walls of equal length, leaving no blind spots for attackers to hide. The four fortresses are called the Queen (Königin), King (König), Crown Prince (Kronprinz) and Brandenburg.

Within these walls, the Renaissance truly comes alive!

The site originally contained a castle from the thirteenth century. The old warehouse is the site of the Spandau Museum, which covers the entire history of the area. The former commander's house has a permanent exhibition on the citadel. In the Queen's fortress, 70 medieval Jewish tombstones can be viewed by appointment. Changing works by young artists, craftsmen, and even a puppet theater are available at Bastion Kronprinz. A new permanent exhibition, “Unveiling - Berlin and its Monuments”, displays monuments that were removed after political changes. Because the surviving Julius Turm tower is part of that complex, it is now the oldest building in Berlin - and at 34.6 meters high, it remains Spandau's signature landmark.

Returning outdoors, the Zitadelle Theater hosts theatrical performances and events in the courtyard. Check out its busy events calendar for outdoor concerts like the Citadel Music Festival in the summer. On a sunny summer day, take a break at the Biergarten (or explore one of the other best Berlin Biergarten).

For something a little darker - literally - enter the bat cellar. About 10,000 native bats use the Citadel as their winter home, and visitors can observe the animals and learn more about their habits here.

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