Private tour in Berlin to explore Kreuzberg

Private tour in Berlin to explore Kreuzberg

Kreuzberg is one of the famous districts of Germany and is located south of the capital Berlin. This place is famous for its nightlife. And also, Kreuzberg is known to be home to a lot of Turkish immigrants (from the Eastern regions of Türkiye). Let's explore this "special" city

Overview of Kreuzberg

The Kreuzberg district lies close to the east of the Spree river and the Landwehrkanal river flows from east to west. This place has a rather special history. Located in the capital city of Germany, these are originally small villages. Established in 1920 by the Greater Berlin Act. Which provided for the consolidation of suburbs and the reorganization of Berlin into twenty districts. 

Overview of Kreuzberg

The name "Kreuzberg" literally means "cross hill" - it has the highest elevation, 1821 ft above sea level. In addition, the hill received its name from the Prussian National Memorial of the year 19 to the War of Liberation, by Karl Friedrich Schinkel in the urban park Viktoriapark.

In the 1860s, Berlin's industry thrived, leading to an increasing need for "industrial tycoons" to expand and build more factories. And finally, it was decided to build factories in Kreuzberg at that time. They built on streets that adopted in the Hobrecht Plan (Berlin's binding land use plan of the 19th century). 

And at this time, Berlin began to develop rapidly, as an economic and cultural center of Germany. So many people around the world, especially Turkish people, have chosen this place to develop their careers. 

Therefore, Kreuzberg became an emigration district at the end of the 19th century, especially as a Jewish population lived here. The Jewish Museum Berlin is located in Kreuzberg, and many Stolpersteine (cement blocks with copper plates engraved with names and dates of death) can be seen on the streets of Kreuzberg as a memorial to the murdered Jews who lived in the area.

By the 20th century, Kreuzberg had grown to become the most populous district in Berlin - although geographically Kreuzberg was smaller than other districts. Kreuzberg is often an ideal place for family weekend getaways.

12 hours exploring the Kreuzberg ferry with MBS87

So that you can have a meaningful day in Berlin's Kreuzberg district, we thought of taking you to some interesting places. Let's follow MBS87 on the bus rental service for Berlin to explore Kreuzberg.

12 hours exploring the Kreuzberg ferry with MBS87

Turkish Market

After starting a new day with a cake and a cup of European-style coffee, you should visit the Turkish Market. Because Kreuzberg is a place where many Turks live, you can encounter Turkish culture, specialties, and traditional items right in Germany. This market operates every Tuesday and Friday, specializing in selling fresh, green foods and household items. 

On Saturdays only, this market will organize sales of fabrics and clothes. It will not be surprising if you can find many pieces of fabric with traditional Turkish patterns. And in addition, on Sundays in the summer, the market "transforms", becoming more dynamic and interesting because there will be flea markets with many food stalls and many other live music performances.

Prinzessinnengarten (Princess Garden)

Prinzessinnengarten is a garden renovated from a vacant lot in the city of Berlin. Thanks to the Nomadic Green project and the help of the residents living here, this polluted landfill has now become a fresh garden with many types of green vegetables and herbs. When you come here, you will feel the efforts of humanity in general and Berlin residents in particular to overcome the pollution of this Earth, an effort worth appreciating.

Boros Bunker

This is a place where many memorable events took place in Berlin. If you want to understand more about the city you are traveling to, then let's go to Boros Bunker with MBS87. And during Hitler's time, architect Alber Speer built this project. The building has undergone many historical changes. During the war, this place sheltered more than 3,000 local people. 

After the war, Boros Bunker again became occupied by the Soviet Red Army. It later became a warehouse for fabrics and tropical fruits from Cuba (hence the nickname "Banana Bunker), and was eventually converted into one of the famous techno clubs." In 2003, the Boros couple discovered a large 5-storey concrete structure of nearly 3,000 m2 that is considered a cultural heritage of art. 

So they decided to renovate this place and move the collection. Their personal collection arrives. With the Boros Contemporary art collection, including works by world-famous artists such as Olafur Eliasson, Ai Weii Wei,... Each work will have a space to create an opportunity. The festival allows us to admire in the quietest and gentlest atmosphere.

So come to Kreuzberg with MBS87

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So come to Kreuzberg with MBS87

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