Visit Berlin TV tower in private tour in Germany

Visit Berlin TV tower in private tour in Germany

Fernsehturm (Berlin TV tower) is located in the heart of Berlin, built between 1965 and 1969 by the government of the German Democratic Republic, as both a functional broadcasting facility and a symbol of Communist power. MBS87 will create a bus rental service in Berlin to visit this Berlin TV tower. Please join MBS87.

Brief history of the formation of Berlin TV tower

In 1952, at the European Broadcasting Conference in Stockholm, responsible for coordinating radio frequencies in Europe, the German Democratic Republic (at that time most countries did not recognize this country) politically) was allocated only two frequency channels. 

Therefore, the waves cannot cover all of Berlin. For comprehensive and continuous coverage, a large and powerful broadcasting facility is needed and at the highest possible location. With the initial aim of providing the best possible broadcasting services, many initiatives have been proposed by many leaders, but most of them encounter some arising problems, such as cost, location, etc.

Brief history of the formation of Berlin TV tower

In 1964, the government requested the construction of a tower right in the city center. Walter Ulbricht, leader of the Socialist Unity Party, which ruled East Germany, decided to authorize the construction of a television tower modeled on the Fernsehturm Stuttgart (the world's first telecommunications tower) and the Sputnik satellite ( first artificial Earth satellite).

And finally, the Berlin TV tower was built and inaugurated and put into use. However, after the reunification of Germany in 1990, many opinions believed that it was necessary to destroy this tower. However, the Federal Republic of Germany decided to retain this court. 

Deutsche Telekom (a German media company), as the new operator, decided to spend 50 million marks to remodel the broadcasting facilities and renovate some details. The antenna was renewed at a stronger rate, and the tower's height was also increased, from the original 365 meters to 368 meters in the summer of 1997.

Discover interesting things at the tower

Berlin TV tower is one of the buildings in Berlin that is specially illuminated for several days of the Light Festival held annually in October since 2004. Join MBS87 to explore Fernsehturm now.

Berlin TV tower is not only a television tower but also a famous landmark, a tourist attraction. The tower's revolving observatory and restaurant are operated by Magnicity, a French-based operator group that operates attractions in various locations. 

In 2017, Germans can proudly say that the Berlin TV tower is the tallest publicly accessible television tower in Europe and the highest publicly accessible viewing platform in Germany. Let's take a tour around the Berlin TV tower with MBS87.

When the sun rises, illuminating the stainless steel dome of the Fernsehturm, the reflection will often be a Greek cross. So, Berliners nicknamed this "glowing cross" "Rache des Papstes", also known as "The Pope's Revenge".

Discover interesting things at Berlin TV tower

Berlin TV tower has two elevators for tourists, taking them from the ground directly to the observation deck at a height of 203 meters. At this level, the highest bar in Berlin was established. With 60 windows and at a height of 203 meters, visitors can enjoy the clearest panoramic view of Berlin.

From where you are standing at the observatory, just go up 21 more stairs. You will reach a height of 207 meters and come across a restaurant. Can rotate 360 degrees in one hour. The main kitchen of this restaurant is located at the foot of the tower. After being prepared, meals will be transported by elevator up to the restaurant to serve diners.

Berlin TV tower will be open all year round for people from all over the world to visit, satisfying both sight and taste right at this location. The last trip to the observatory will be at 11:30 pm. In addition to the specific areas mentioned above. There will be common areas for rent for special events, parties, etc. for anyone in need.

So how can we see the tower at the closest distance?

To see the Berlin TV tower with your own eyes, you must first go to Germany. After that, we at MBS87 will send a coach or minibus in Germany to take you to visit Fernsehturm. Or you can land at the airport of any European country. Our mini bus hire Berlin service will pick you up and take you to the attraction. 

So how can we see the Berlin TV tower at the closest distance?

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