How much does a trip to France cost?

How much does a trip to France cost?

Curious about the trip to France cost? Delve into our comprehensive blog as we break down the expenses and unveil essential insights. Ensuring your journey to the iconic destination is not only memorable but also budget-friendly. Explore the intricacies of planning and discover just how affordable – or luxurious – your dream trip to France can be.

Necessary expenses for a trip to France

On average, a cost of a trip to France within 1 week will cost about 4000 - 6000 euro/person. If you go with a larger group, this cost can be divided equally and will be cheaper. Although it is one of the famous tourist countries, the prices of goods and services in France are quite affordable, meeting the needs of many different tourists. MBS87 will help you list some necessary costs for a trip to France.

Trip to France cost includes moving expenses  

If you are a resident of a continent not in Europe or a country very far from France. The first ticket you need to get to France is a plane ticket. Depending on the geographical distance of where you live from France, and your need to use in-flight services, a round-trip ticket to France will cost about 600 - 1000 euro/person. 

Trip to France cost includes moving expenses

Trip to France cost includes moving expenses

If you are living in neighboring countries of France, then you only need one train or one bus rental in Europe from MBS87, and you will quickly set foot in France. Tickets for a train or bus can vary depending on the distance, between 100 - 200 euro/person.

Trip to France cost: Accommodation costs

In France there are many different accommodation options, in different districts, such as 2-star, 3-star, 4-star, 5-star hotels; or to save cost of a trip to France, you can rent apartments. If you like the bustle of the city and the center of Paris, you can go to districts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. 

Hotel room prices range from 150-300 euro/night in Paris depending on travel times. For cheaper options, choose provinces and cities outside Paris where prices range from 70-120 euro/night. Enjoy natural scenery and countryside.

Trip to France cost: Food cost

In France there are many restaurants offering many types of services, many dishes, and many different styles. It will not be difficult to find restaurants if you are traveling in France. It is expected that a meal in France will be about 25 euro/person/meal. 

Trip to France cost: Food cost

Food in France

You will need 3 meals a day, breakfast you should eat at the hotel, then stop at roadside cafes, buy your favorite cup of coffee and sip it together to walk around, lunch and dinner you should eat at famous restaurants to enjoy typical French dishes. So with 7 days in France, you will spend about 500 euro in the total cost of a trip to France for food.

Travel and sightseeing expenses in France

The transportation system in France is very developed. With just a train ticket or minibus hire in France, you can go to any province in France at an affordable price and reasonable travel time - go and return in one day. It will cost you about 20 euro/day for transportation if you use public transportation. And If you use a taxi, the price will probably be a little higher.

Travel and sightseeing expenses in France

Travel and sightseeing in France

Some tourist attractions in France charge an entrance fee. So this is also a fee you need to add to the total cost of a trip to France. Some famous places charge entrance tickets such as Versailles Palace - about 14 euro for a ride around the palace, Eiffel Tower - about 13 euro, Louvre - about 19 euro,... 

Besides the tourist attractions for a fee, if you move to the provinces on the edge of France, you will admire the majestic mountains and rivers that Mother Nature gives us for free: cool blue beaches (Plage de la Côte des Basques in Aquitaine, Deauville Beach in Normandy, Antibes Beach,...), lavender fields in Gordes,...

Redundancy costs

You should budget for a small fee in addition to the necessary expenses for unexpected situations. Or more simply, a fee for shopping for French souvenirs. This additional budget should be about 500 - 1000 euro depending on your ability.

Let's create a perfect cost of trip to France list with MBS87

A perfect travel trip is a trip with many landscapes as desired and the cost is within your requirements. Calculating the cost for a trip to France is a very necessary issue. If you still have difficulty planning the expenses you need, please contact MBS87. MBS87 is a company specializing in providing services for organizing private tours in Europe in general and private tours in France in particular. 

Let's create a perfect cost of trip to France list with MBS87
MBS87 offers perfect cost of trip to France list

With more than 10 years of experience in the tourism field, along with the fact that MBS87 has its headquarters located in Paris, our staff considers France as a "beloved home". We understand very well the living conditions and tourist destinations and will give you many options for interesting private tours in France at the most affordable prices. 

We at MBS87 are always ready to listen to your opinions, answer your questions and give you free quotes. Quickly join MBS87 to create a list of costs of a trip to France that is perfect and most reasonable for your upcoming trip.

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