Top 10 Destinations for Your South of France vacation

Top 10 Destinations for Your South of France vacation

France is one of the countries famous for its diverse culture and beautiful natural landscapes. Come to the South of France vacation, you will enjoy the simplicity and closeness of small villages, along with the majesty and mountainous forests. However, if you still do not know where the ideal tourist destination is, please refer to the following article. MBS 87 will introduce to you the most attractive places when traveling in the South of France.

Discover the best places for South of France vacation

Places for South of France vacation: Cannes

Cannes is known as a fishing village with an area not too large but is considered an ideal destination for the South of France vacation. Running along the coastline from La Croisette Avenue, you will see the wonderful beauty of the city with high-end, luxury restaurants and customers. The blue color of the sea mixed with a little breeze brings a cool, pleasant feeling to visitors traveling here.

Places for South of France vacation: Cannes

Places for South of France vacation: Cannes

Most of the activities that take place in Cannes take place along the coast. Coming here, you can take commemorative photos in the building with an old-style design. As a famous cultural and artistic center, many international festivals also take place here. Many painters, artists, poets, and writers gather to live and work here.

Places for South of France vacation: Saint Tropez

Saint Tropez is one of the South of France holiday destinations that attracts a large number of visitors every year. Saint Tropez contains a harmonious, ancient but no less charming beauty, which is also the reason why this city has become one of the famous resort destinations in Europe.

The color of clear sea water combined with sparkling sails has become the highlight here. All have created a wonderful picture, well worth conquering during your South of France vacation.

Places for South of France vacation: Aix en Provence

With an idyllic scene created by architectural works portrayed in a unique and skillful way. Aix-en-Provence is the South of France vacation known for its artistic monuments appearing everywhere. Coming here, you can also see images of the daily life of farmers and horses around the fields.

Places for South of France vacation: Aix en Provence
Places for South of France vacation: Aix en Provence

Going deeper into town is the image of small roads leading you to streets with adorable little houses. Don't forget to save photos of nature and people close to this place.

Places for South of France vacation: Avignon

Avignon is famous for its majestic palaces and the rustic peace of houses imbued with ancient architecture. This is what makes this city an unforgettable destination during the South of France vacation.

Places for South of France vacation: Avignon

Places for South of France vacation: Avignon

Exploring deeper into the city, you will encounter images of roads with rough paths. A highlight when coming to Avignon is to directly experience tasting golden wine and visit nearby vineyards. Visit Notre-Dame Street to see outstanding architectural works with conference rooms, dining rooms, ceremonial rooms, furnaces and many extremely creative decorative motifs.

Places for South of France vacation: Nice

When it comes to one of the South of France holiday destinations, Nice is certainly not to be missed. With a mild, cool and pleasant climate all year round, this place is considered an ideal South of France vacation destination for you. As a beautiful land, visitors will be immersed in fresh air with cool blue beaches.

Not only is it an ancient city with charming beauty, Nice also contains many unique cultural features of European style.Promenade des Anglais - famous street in Nice for pedestrians. Visitors will admire the wonderful beauty that curves from the beach.

Besides its natural beauty, Nice is also the venue for many famous music festivals around the world. It can be seen that this is one of the tourist attractions when coming to France that you must definitely experience.

Places for South of France vacation: Verdon Gorge

Verdon Gorge in France is one of the largest canyons in Europe with many majestic natural beauty. You will have a wonderful trip when choosing this place for your South of France vacation places. The alley is covered outside by beautiful jade green water. Around Verdon alley, there are many destinations that you cannot miss.

Verdon Gorge

Verdon Gorge

Typically, Cro Croix Lake contains wild and tranquil beauty. Create a fresh environment, bringing a feeling of relaxation and comfort. Visiting Aiguines, you will experience exciting activities such as climbing, boating, windsurfing and many adventure games waiting for you to explore.


One of the South of France holiday destinations that attracts a large number of tourists every year is Monaco. This place is famous for its beautiful natural scenery, especially its cool and temperate climate, which is very suitable to help you fully explore this land. Buses are a popular and popular public transportation choice in Monaco.

Besides its poetic beauty, this place is also known as a location with large casinos. In addition, tourists can also participate in activities and games such as yachting, racing... you will definitely have extremely interesting experiences in this ideal city.

Lourdes & Pyrenees

Lourde is known as a small village with a wild landscape located at the foot of the Pyrenees mountains. Now, this place has developed into an urban area attracting more than 6 million visitors to this land every year. Lourde is famous for its world-class architectural and sacred religious works.

According to travel experience in Lourdes, summer or the time after October is a suitable time for you to visit this city. You can experience the feeling of wandering on the streets of Lourdes city or immerse yourself in the architectural masterpieces at the Basilica of St. Pius This has become a pilgrimage destination on annual holidays.


Mougins is one of tourist South of France vacation places with holy places built from professional architectural masterpieces. When you come here, you will be attracted by the extremely interesting spiral-shaped alleys. Mougins is known for many famous attractions such as Musee d'Art Classique de Mougins, Chapelle de Notre-Dame de Vie... There are many beautiful sceneries and wonderful culture.


Mougins is also famous for its museums, restaurants, pubs, especially its cuisine with a variety of dishes with attractive flavors. Looking out from Mougins is the clear blue of the Mediterranean Sea. Don't forget to take souvenir photos for this interesting tour.


Porquerolles is the perfect choice for a South of France vacation that you can refer to. It is a small town located on an islandPorquerolles, here is considered a paradise on earth with many wonderful landscapes.

At Porquerolles, there are rows of pine trees, sandy beaches, and birch trees lying along and curving around the coast. All have created a beautiful natural scene. Porquerolles exudes a bold Mediterranean character, from the sunny areas and soft sunlight reflecting around. You will see small, bumpy trails mixed with the sound of gentle waves. Try cycling in the fields, or visit the forts. Surely this will be an unforgettable trip for you.

Some experiences for South of France vacation

  • Travel time:Time to give South of France vacation is in the fall, starting from August until the end of November. At this time, this place often has a cool, pleasant climate, especially with little rain, making it convenient for you to travel. Move and get yourself the best experience.
  • Cuisine in the south of France: The South of France is famous for its variety of delicious dishes with Western style. Some dishes that you should try when coming here are: Macaron, Salade Nicoise or Escargot...
  • Transport:To save costs and ensure your travel, you should choose methods such as bus, subway or bicycle. However, you need to look for reputable units with many experiences to optimally serve your trip.

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