Suggestions: Things to do in Paris for free

Suggestions: Things to do in Paris for free

As a city of famous fashion brands, Paris has many great places to visit. Paris is magnificent and expensive, but there is no shortage of free but extremely interesting places to visit for international students. List things to do in Paris for free Below will help you have a clear plan with memorable experiences.

19 Must-Try Things to Do in Paris for Free

Top 1 - Things to do in Paris for Free: Relax in the Tuileries garden

Sandwiched between the Louvre Museum and Place de la Concorde is the Tuileries Garden. Built as the private garden of the Tuileries Palace (also known as the residence of the kings of France). The Tuileries Garden is open to the public, becoming the first public garden in Paris and currently the largest garden in Paris. There are things to do in Paris for free which must not be overlooked.

Top 2 - Things to do in Paris for Free: Champ de Mars Park

Spending time playing at Champ de Mars park is one of the things to do in Paris free of charge that you should try. There are carefully manicured lawns and flower beds here. You just need to bring a rug, wine and some food for the picnic. Then find a patch of smooth green grass and enjoy. You can wait until sunset and watch the Eiffel Tower light show from this Champ de Mars park.

Top 3 - Things to do in Paris for Free: Explore Modern museum in Paris

The Modern Museum of the City of Paris is one of the free museums. There is a free multilingual mobile app that will explain the works as you visit. The museum stores more than 8,000 works of art of many different movements. You can immerse yourself in the works here to get a surreal view of French culture.

Top 4 - Things to do in Paris for Free: Visit Aligre Market

You will enjoy the best local products at the Marché d’Aligre market. You will be overwhelmed with the very typical foods here such as cheese, traditional butchers, and places selling colorful fresh flowers. After wandering through the stalls, you can stop and enjoy a glass of Bordeaux wine with some crispy bread. Things to do in Paris for free are unforgettable.

Top 4 - Things to do in Paris for Free: Visit Aligre Market
Top 4. Visit Aligre Market

Top 5 - Things to do in Paris for Free: Carnavalet Museum

You'll take a tour through the history of Paris at the Carnavalet museum. From its ancient roots to the sophisticated fashion capital it is today. The museum has about 600,000 artifacts for you to admire things to do in Paris for free, you should not ignore it.

Top 6 - Things to do in Paris for Free: Buttes-Chaumont Park

Paris is home to many beautiful public parks where you can relax on the lawns. With a relatively large area, Buttes-Chaumont park has a lake, suspension bridge and beautiful walking paths. This steepest park in Paris will be a big challenge for your legs, but this place will not disappoint you at all. The peace here will make you forget that you are in the bustling capital of France.

Top 7 - Things to do in Paris for Free: Monceau Park

Monceau Park where there are statues of famous people such as Chopin and writer Guy de Maupassant. Monceau has many stone benches, a beautiful merry-go-round,... admission is completely free. With its rich history and views, this is the ideal place for things to do in Paris for free.

Top 8 - Things to do in Paris for Free: Stroll around the Louvre museum

The Louvre Palace and Museum is one of the largest art collections in the world. The Louvre Museum has beautiful gardens and a glass pyramid designed by IM Pei. This is a magnificent work of art that contrasts with the classicism of the Louvre Palace. Then, you can admire more than 30,000 works of art displayed here. When you come to Paris, you definitely should not miss the things to do in Paris for free.

Top 9 - Things to do in Paris for Free: Experience the majesty of the Sacré-Coeur Cathedral

The church is located majestically in the Montmartre area and is made of marble. The most striking feature is the interior decorated with golden mosaics and beautiful stained glass windows. When you come here, you will hear the sound of one of the heaviest bells in the world. If you come here at night, you will be able to see the monument beautifully lit up by headlights.

Top 10 - Things to do in Paris for Free: Visit the oldest bookstore in Paris

This antique bookstore is located on the banks of the Seine River, called Shakespeare and Company. This is one of the favorite places of famous writers such as Joyce, Hemingway, Stein, Fitzgerald and Eliot,... Visiting the store is one of the best things to do in Paris for free because you can enjoy a background of Parisian literary history.

Top 10 - Things to do in Paris for Free: Visit the oldest bookstore in Paris

Top 10. Visit the oldest bookstore in Paris

Top 11 - Things to do in Paris for Free: Visit Père-Lachaise cemetery

Père Lachaise Cemetery is one of the most visited cemeteries in the world because it is where famous people from around the world are buried such as: Sarah Bernhardt, Honoré de Balzac, Jacques-Louis David, Eugène Delacroix, Maria Callas, Jim Morrison, Max Ernst and even Georges Bizet. In particular, Oscar Wilde's tomb is often kissed by visitors and leaves countless lipstick marks.

Père-Lachaise Cemetery is considered one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the world. With the largest green space in Paris.

You'll find the architecture of the tombstones and individual burial chambers impressive, especially when considering the many impressive statues that accompany the grounds. Others especially appreciate Père-Lachaise's peaceful atmosphere.

Top 12 - Things to do in Paris for Free: Stroll the Luxembourg Gardens

Visiting the gardens is one of the things to do in Paris for free, so you won't miss the Luxembourg Gardens. Luxembourg Garden is located on the left side of the Seine River and is designed in a traditional French classic style. This is a favorite meeting place for students, artists, Parisian children... and currently Luxembourg also attracts many tourists from around the world. The southwest side of Luxembourg Park will have theaters showing puppet shows. When watching puppet shows here you will not have to spend any money.

Top 12 - Things to do in Paris for Free: Stroll the Luxembourg Gardens
Top 12. Stroll the Luxembourg Gardens

Top 13. Free outdoor cinema at Parc De La Villette

Paris has its own open-air cinema, which takes place during the summer at the Parc de la Villette. There's nothing more romantic than watching a movie under a starry sky in the city of love. This is one of the things to do in Paris for free that you definitely have to try.

Top 14. Walk along Canal St. Martin

A fun and exciting area for locals, it's packed with bars and street performers that look like they're straight out of a movie. It contains cute bridges as well as interesting markets like the Marché Couvert Saint-Martin.

Top 15. Stroll in Jardin Des Tuileries

You absolutely cannot miss Jardins de Tuileries when coming to Paris. This is a beautiful walkway stretching between the Louvre museum and Place de la Concorde. When you come here, you will feel the royal-style sculptures of famous artists such as Rodin and Giacometti.

Top 16. Walk along the Seine River

Wear comfortable shoes and bring your camera for a stroll along the Seine. Along the Seine River is a place that has inspired many artists. You can zig zag across some of the 37 wooden, stone and metal bridges that span the river. You can also see the city from above at the Promenade Plantée, which has gardens, small parks, and public art exhibitions.

Top 17. Wander the streets of Montmartre

On the streets of Montmartre, there are artists painting in the squares and street artists showing off their talents. Wandering the streets and exploring things like Picasso's studio and the Dali museum will take you back to old Paris.

Top 18. Enjoy free music in Paris

If you like classical, baroque or contemporary jazz, Paris's most prestigious conservatory, the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse, organizes more than 300 concerts for students each year, most of them free. The Conservatory National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse presents free live music.

Top 19. Explore Roman heritage at Arènes de Lutèce

Trace the ruins of Paris' Roman heritage at Arènes de Lutèce in the Latin Quarter. It is said to be the longest Roman amphitheater ever built. Although the arena no longer hosts gladiator matches, it still provides a space for the equally fiercely competitive sport of curling.


The above are things to do in Paris for free that you can refer to when coming to this beautiful country. It can be seen that traveling to Paris brings many interesting experiences for visitors, but you need to be prepared to make your trip truly meaningful.

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