How much does it cost to travel to Paris?

How much does it cost to travel to Paris?

According to a preliminary survey by MBS87, normally the total cost to go to Paris for 7 days can range from 1500 - 3000 euro/person. 

This number will fluctuate depending on your spending habits, the geographical distance from where you live to the Paris airport, the number of passengers in your group and the length of your stay in Paris. MBS87 willfully list each cost with you so you can determine your budget cost to travel to Paris.

But the cost in budget cost to go to Paris

Cost to go to Paris: Moving expenses

The first thing needed for a long trip is a plane ticket. The price for a round-trip flight to Paris is around 750 - 1200 euro/person. Prices will vary depending on the geographical distance of your accommodation to Paris and the class of ticket you want to use. 

Cost to go to Paris: Moving expenses
Moving expenses

If you want your flight to be comfortable and enjoy all the amenities, you can buy a business class ticket, but if you want to save money, you should buy economy class or look for discounted tickets from airlines. In addition to taking a flight in Paris, you can also choose airports neighboring Paris because the ticket prices for those flights may be cheaper than flights to Paris. 

Don't worry if the airport you arrive at is too far away, as long as you get to the airports neighboring Paris, MBS87 will have bus rental Paris service to pick you up and take you to visit the "capital of light". bright".

Besides the air ticket, you will need a fee to travel within Paris. This cost will be about 10 - 14 euro/day/person. So the travel cost will be 70 - 140 euro/person in the cost to travel to Paris

If you choose to take public transportation, the cost will be cheaper, or if you choose to travel to Paris with MBS87, this cost will be calculated carefully and reasonably, and at the same time, you will receive Use our bus rental in Paris system of MBS87. If you want to be self-sufficient and choose to travel by taxi, the cost will be quite high.

Cost to go to Paris: Accommodation costs

In Paris, there are many areas divided into different living costs. If you want to live in central areas, near the Eiffel Tower or other tourist attractions, the price for a hotel room here will range from 170 - 300/night/double room.

Cost to go to Paris: Accommodation costs
Cost to go to Paris

Hotels priced around 100 - 200 euro/night/double room will often be in areas a bit far from the center. Just travel on the bus rental in Paris for about 20 minutes and you will arrive right in the center of Paris. If you want to enjoy the cool air of the suburbs, you can rent hotels in this area at quite affordable prices, only from 70 - 120 euro/per night/double room. 

So on average, the accommodation cost for a 1-week trip to Paris will account for about 500 - 1500 euro/person in your total cost to travel to Paris.

Food cost

A person will need 3 main meals a day. At MBS87, your breakfast will be served at the hotel you stay at. Lunch and dinner will cost about 25 euro/person/meal. So you will need about 50 euros/day for main meals. There are also side meals to enjoy typical street food and interesting specialties. So the cost of spending on food will account for about 500 euros/person in the budget cost to travel to Paris.

Sightseeing fees and other expenses

You can enter and exit some tourist attractions for free. But there are also some places where they charge a fee, and this funding will be used to restore and preserve that monument or tourist destination. 

For example, the ticket price to the 2nd floor of the Eiffel Tower will be 16.7 euros/adult and 8.3 euros/child. So you will need about 100 - 200 euros for sightseeing tickets in your budget cost to travel to Paris.

In addition to the basic expenses that MBS87 has listed above. You should prepare a small additional fee for emergencies, or simply for shopping. This cost will be around 500 - 1000 euro, depending on your spending goals and emergencies you encounter.

Let MBS87 support you to find out your budget cost to go to Paris

Depending on each passenger, the cost to go to Paris that they need will be different. If you are still "confused" about this calculation, then let MBS87 assist you. We at MBS87 are a company specializing in organizing private tours in Paris in particular and private tours in Europe in general. 

Let MBS87 support you to find out your budget cost to go to Paris

Private tour in Paris

With more than 10 years of experience in the profession, and our headquarters is located right in Paris, so Paris is like our "second home". We understand Paris down to every street corner, every district, every tourist destination,... So we can easily design for you a private tour in Paris that you will never forget to experience.

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So what are you waiting for, contact MBS87 and immediately create a list of budget costs to go to Paris for your upcoming trip to explore Paris.

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