Over The Rodin Museum: A World of Sculptural Masterpieces

Over The Rodin Museum: A World of Sculptural Masterpieces

The proud and magnificent capital of France, Paris, will always be an attractive destination and an ideal choice for your trip abroad. If you have the opportunity to come to this place, don't forget to take the time to visit the Rodin Museum and feel the soul of each famous work of this very talented artist.

Overview of the Rodin Museum

Overview of the Rodin Museum

The Rodin Museum in Paris, France, is a museum opened in 1919. Which devoted to the works of French sculptor Auguste Rodin.

With nearly 500,000 visitors annually, the Rodin Museum in Paris draws hordes of tourists. Its solidifying its place as one of the city's must-see attractions. Not only owning documents, photos, paintings, and sculptures of Auguste Rodin. But also this museum has works by both Vincent van Gogh and Pierre-Auguste Renoir that Rodin once owned. Opened in 1919 the most outstanding sculpture.

Rodin Museum and other small branches.

There are two locations: Hôtel Biron and surrounding areas in central Paris and just outside Paris at Rodin's former home, Villa des Brillants in Meudon (Hauts-de-Seine). The collection includes 6,600 sculptures, 8,000 drawings, 8,000 old photographs, and 7,000 works of art. The museum receives 700,000 visitors annually.

Rodin Museum and other small branches.

Located at 79 Rue Varenne in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, the Rodin Museum is a place to display works and documents of the famous sculptor Auguste Rodin. This is the largest archive of Rodin's works, donated by the sculptor himself to the French government. 

Artistic style

Referring to the romance of Rodin, one cannot help but think of the rich emotions of Picasso. And also oth were sculptors with similar artistic inspirations, they created the foundation for the art movement. New art, diverse works. Also in Paris, in addition to the Rodin Art Museum, you can also find the Picasso Art Museum!

While living in the Villa des Brillants, Rodin used the Hôtel Biron as his workplace from 1908 and later donated his entire collection of sculptures (along with paintings by Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet. and Pierre-Auguste Renoir which he bought) to the French government on the condition that they turn the buildings into a museum dedicated to his works.

Works contained in the Rodin Museum.

Works contained in the Rodin Museum.

The Rodin Museum contains most of Rodin's notable works, including The Thinker, The Kiss, and The Gates of Hell. Many of his sculptures are displayed in the museum's large garden. The museum includes a room dedicated to the works of Camille Claudel.

The Rodin Museum puts on display some of the artist's finest and most memorable works. Among them is the world-famous sculpture ‘The Thinker’, which hardly needs any introduction. Then there are the 'Gates of Hell', Rodin's interpretation of Dante's 'Inferno'. Also artwork that spanned 30 years of his life, only to be left incomplete.

The garden at Hotel Biron is adorned with a lot of Rodin’s fine works like ‘The Balzac’ and others. While ‘The Kiss’ stands at the center of the museum. Rodin carved sculptures of many of his friends and contemporaries. Among the ones you'll see here are the busts of Victor Hugo and Vita Sackville-West, to name a few.

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After visiting the Rodin Museum of Art, you can relax at the cafe in the museum, and you can buy souvenirs at the gift shop. Additionally, the art museum is also close to the Paris Tower and Wineries. You can join in some tours in Paris such as admiring the Eiffel Tower, looking at the special structure of the Louvre museum, or enjoying the cool breeze on the Seine River.

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