Reims Champagne: Enjoying champagne in the dreamy place

Reims Champagne: Enjoying champagne in the dreamy place

Let's explore Reims Champagne through the article below. Although wine has been present in people's lives for a long time, Champagne took a very long time before being discovered in a region of France called Champagne. However, in just a short time, Champagne's position has risen to a new level, recognized worldwide. receive. 

Briefing your Reims Champagne tour

Briefing your Reims Champagne tour

Enjoy beautiful days with MBS 87 in the city of Reims (France). Here you will learn about many delicious Reims Champagne wines because Reims is a famous wine producer in the world. If you are a religious believer or want to explore the culture of the city of Reims by a private tour of Reims Champagne from Paris. , go to the majestic Reims Cathedral with its statues and see the colorful windows where the country's kings were born. France. Next, we take you to the cellars containing extremely expensive and old Champagne glasses. At the end of the trip, everyone will have a glass of delicious wine.

Reims Cathedral

The vista of Reims Cathedral appearing at the end of Rue Rockefeller is an unforgettable sight. This is where the History of France brings you back to the past. The cathedral of Reims is not only a masterpiece of Gothic architecture. It is the coronation site of the Kings of France. This explains why UNESCO has granted the monument the prestigious label of World Heritage Site since 1991. The main construction overseen by four architects and lasted 80 years; expansions and decorative work continued on the church for centuries. MBS 87 - bus hire France gives you some information about Reims Cathedral and guides you through the Cathedral in Reims Cathedral from a Paris tour.

Visit Champagne Pommery in Reims

Visit Champagne Pommery in Reims Reims Champagne

Pommery is one of the largest champagne houses in Reims and the coolest. You start in the large hall, then with a guide make your way down the 101 steps carved into the rock to the Gallo-Roman caves. There are 120 quarries here, storing between 23 and 25 million bottles.

You will be guided and heard about the history of Champagne and also basic Champagne making, seeing the making process firsthand. Like many Reims Champagne houses, this is a high-tech process in stainless steel tanks working in more modern surroundings.

But you understand the age-old process, why wooden barrels originally used, and how the champagne bottles were turned by hand. You pass through these extraordinary quarries from within the rock, passing millions of euros of champagne. You also see some vintage wine cellars, with marked dates stretching back into the last century. Then you get to taste old Reims Champagne to compare the old and new ones.

The MBS 87 ‘s schedule you should experience in Reims - Tour Reims Champagne from Paris

From 8 a.m., a private driver will pick you up at your hotel in Paris to take you in the direction of Reims, located just a 1.5-hour drive from Paris by our bus rental Paris service

The MBS 87 ‘s schedule you should experience in Reims - Tour Reims Champagne from Paris

After this tour, your driver will drop you off at Reims city center and then leave you for 30 minutes to listen to your guide you to some historic sites and 30 minutes of free time to explore your own Iconic Reims Cathedral, where the kings of France were crowned.

Throughout the day, your driver will recommend a number of stops, including the first, at the cellar of one of Pommery's most famous champagne producers. This visit will be led by a guide from the house itself, who will introduce you to the vineyard, cellar, and their champagne production and production secrets, while not forgetting the tasting session with the Sommelier.

If there is time, we will go to the vineyard in Champagne to see the growing and production of the finest grapes for aging.

Later you can have dinner with Champagne at the restaurant or you can buy it. We will serve a sumptuous dinner with the finest Champagnes.

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