Travel Marseille by a perfect bus rental in Marseille, France

Travel Marseille by a perfect bus rental in Marseille, France

Let’s make a bus rental in Marseille and explore this beautiful port city. Marseille is a port city in France, the second largest city after Paris and the third largest metropolitan area in France. Marseille is also the capital of the administrative region Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, and in 2013 it was named the "European cultural capital" because of its long history and rich culture and identity. 

Marseille - the cultural capital of Europe Bus rental in Marseille

Famous landmarks in Marseille

Coming to France, next to the dreamy Paris, going about 800 km to the southeast (it takes about 10 hours by MBS 87's tour bus charter in Marseille), you will reach the sunny and windy port city of Marseille. Besides, Maresille owns ancient architectural works and imprints with historical traces throughout the ages. Mentioned as:

Catholic architectural complex:

  • Church of Notre-Dame de la Garde: built from 1855 - 1870, this place is famous for the statue of "Mother carrying Jesus" gilded bronze - Bonne Mère - up to 5.3 meters high, considered the a sacred symbol, protecting the inhabitants of the city of Marseille, especially the fishermen who are daily floating on the sea and islands. 
  • Monastery of Saint-Victor: This is the oldest monastery in Europe, a gathering place for many pious people since the 5th century.

The ancient port of Le Vieux Port.

This port is an economic symbol of the city and the pride of the people of Marseille. With an age of more than 2600 years, going through the ancient Roman period and the Renaissance. The ancient port of Vieux Port has been expanded. And now this place is a relaxing tourist destination for locals and tourists from all over the world. 

Le Panier Old Quarter.

This is a very attractive place for photographers and models around the world. Stairs with roadside trees, houses with old doors, streets where ancient and modern architecture intersect (between old-style houses and modern restaurants)... All seem to be different but very harmonious and create an excellent overall picture that makes any artist or a tourist must be moved.

Transportation to get to Marseille

Bus rental in Marseille Transportation to get to Marseille

For the most relaxing and meaningful travel, a great travel companion will help you with that. Choosing a professional and friendly company to accompany you is a very important part of every trip. If you are still wondering how to get to Marseille?, don't worry, MBS87 we are here with a mission to take you anywhere in France or in Europe with the perfect bus rental in Marseille. When you come to us, you will experience:

  • Modern, comfortable and cheap bus tour hire in Marseille: whether you are a small travel group or a large group. We still have enough vehicles with the best quality to create comfort and smoothness when traveling.
  • Wide range of vehicles: MBS87 we provide a variety of different vehicle types to suit the needs of each passengers and to help passengers have a wide choice, such as: standard bus, limousine, minibus, ...
  • Friendly and professional staff: With a team of professionally trained staff, knowledgeable guides on all terrains of France in general and Marseille city in particular. MBS87 will take you to experience all the emotions through amazing and beautiful landscapes.
  • Affordable price: Currently, the concept of "only the rich can travel" has been eliminated from society. Whoever you are, you can still experience any travel at the cost you want. MBS87 will always support and advise you free of charge for these difficulties.

How to get to Marseille by bus?

How to get to Marseille by bus? Bus rental in Marseille

Let our MBS87 make your wish to be immersed in the sunny and windy atmosphere of this port city of Marseille. With our headquarters located in Paris, we can easily make a bus to welcome you right from the airport. Accompany you on the way to Marseille, enjoy the ancient architecture and the bustle of the seaport. 

And if you're looking to bus rental in Marseille but don't know where to start, contact us. MBS87 can base on your requests and opinions to build a perfect and complete travel plan. We will take care of everything: hotel booking, coach rental in Marseille..., and everything you have to do is just relax and enjoy the trip. 

With a variety of types to hire in Marseille: minibus, coach, standard bus, limousine,... You are free to choose your preferred choice. And don't feel shy to contact us. Besides Marseille, you can go sightseeing and make a day of it in other tourist destination with coach hire France or bus charter Paris.

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