Travel to europe in april: Places you should know

Travel to Europe in April: Places you should know

Spring is a season of beginnings, very suitable for wanting to travel to Europe in April to start a new year. Keeping a large European territory, it will be very difficult for you to decide which places to visit.

Four-season climate in Europe

In general, the European climate is characterized by a temperate climate. This is the continent with the most ideal weather for travel. In each season of the year, Europe "wears" different beauty. And because of the vastness of its territory, each region of Europe will also have more specialized climatic characteristics. 

For example, Northern Europe will be more characterized by a cold continental temperate climate. Eastern Europe has a temperate continental climate. Southern Europe has a Mediterranean climate. Central Europe has a humid continental climate, and Western Europe has an oceanic climate.

Four-season climate in Europe

Every time of the year, Europe has a different landscape. However, the most suitable season to travel in Europe is late spring, summer and early fall. During these times, the weather is not too cold, the sunlight is shining, the trees are blooming, budding, .... what a beautiful scene. 

Therefore, a trip to travel to Europe in April is the most appropriate thing because April is the end of Spring, the weather has started to get warmer, and Europe is also in the "exciting" stage of preparing interesting activities. takes place next summer. 

Where to travel to Europe in April: Places should be noted

Top 1 -  Places to travel to Europe in April: Amsterdam - Capital of the Netherlands

April is the month of blooming tulips. And in the Netherlands, especially when you come to Amsterdam, you will witness fields of tulips blooming with many colors. In addition, this place also organizes flower festivals. If you are a lover of flowers and nature, you definitely cannot miss this journey to travel to Europe in April

Where to travel in Europe in April: Places should be noted: Amsterdam

In addition to the flower festival, because around the city of Amsterdam there is a system of canals weaving around every corner, so you can sit on a yacht and take a tour around this ancient and beautiful city in the cool late spring air. batch.

Top 2 -  Places to travel to Europe in April: Budapest - Capital of Hungary

If you come to Budapest in April, you will be able to attend the spring festival. This is an annual festival held in this city. There will be many interesting activities waiting for you, such as: classical jazz concert, dance festival, circus,...

Top 3 -  Places to travel to Europe in April: Thale - city in Germany

Are you a fan of "Harry Porter", or do you simply like the image of a wizard? Then you should go to Thale at the end of April, because a traditional festival will be held here. Participants will wear the costumes of lords or witches and parade on the streets.

Where to travel in Europe in April: Places should be noted: Thale

Top 4. Paris - city in France

And you certainly won't be able to forget the French capital Paris during your trip to travel to Europe in April, right! At this time, the weather in Paris will be chilly, a little mild, favorable for a trip on the Seine River, watching the Eiffel Tower and enjoying French specialties. 

After that, you should visit the Palace of Versailles in the afternoon to catch the moment when the palace gradually lights up. At that time, the magnificence and splendor of the Palace of Versailles will be an unforgettable moment in the minds of anyone who witnesses it.

And don't forget to enjoy the specialties of French cuisine. Croissants are a famous bread dish of this country. Bakers will process croissants into many types with many different flavors. Start the day with a croissant and a cup of French coffee, in the evening enjoy a croissant with a glass of European wine, that's a complete day in Paris.

Top 5. Provence - in France

And if you are a person who loves the scent of flowers and plants, then on your upcoming tour in Europe in April, please visit Provence. Because in Provence at the end of spring, you will admire the beautiful lavender fields in full bloom. 

Provence - in France

Passengers can pick a few flowers for themselves as souvenirs. And in addition, in this field, the factory will organize workshops to experience making lavender essential oil, which promises to be extremely interesting.

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