Where to travel in Europe in March

Where to travel in Europe in March

March is the time when the whole of Europe is filled with the spirit of spring. Many landscapes become extremely fresh, beautiful and poetic. This is also one of the peak tourist seasons in Europe. Let's travel in Europe in March with MBS87 to explore interesting places.

Europe in March

In March, Europe's climate is quite cool, with mild and pleasant temperatures. However, some places (like Northern Europe) are still quite cold and wet. However, these things do not overshadow the beauty of Europe. But anyway, you should prepare yourself with the necessary items if you want to visit those areas, for example: cotton jackets, gloves, umbrellas... warm tools, just in case. 

Europe in March

Europe in March

Besides Christmas, March is the biggest festival season in Europe. This is a very suitable time for travelers who have an extroverted soul and like to travel and explore on this trip in Europe in March. 

There is no better time of the year than March for you to learn about the impressive culture of this continent. Each different country in Europe will have different festival days and are held in March. Join MBS87 on the trip in Europe in March to explore each festival.

Some interesting places on the trip in Europe in March

Exciting festivals

Top 1 - Places having exciting festivals to travel in Europe in March: St. Patrick's Day - Dublin, Ireland

This is an extremely unique and annual event held in the city of Dublin, Ireland. The festival is usually held between March 15 - 19. On this day, people will organize many events to commemorate Saint Patrick. 

Local people will wear colorful costumes with the main color being green, accompanied by many unique accessories with many different styles. You can join the line of "green" people marching on the street because the people here will be very happy when you know about this important day of theirs.

Top 2 - Places having exciting festivals to travel in Europe in MarchCarnival - Venice, Italy

This is an extremely jubilant festival in Venice, Italy. Don't be afraid to miss this exciting costume party because the festival will take place for quite a long time, from February 16 to March 5. 

When coming to the festival, locals and tourists will Dress up together with many unique costumes and many interesting masks. Here you will be free to be creative according to your personality. And it will not be surprising that you can meet many "makeup artists", making you think that these characters came out of movies or comics.

Top 3 - Places having exciting festivals to travel in Europe in MarchKeukenhof Flower Festival - Amsterdam, Netherlands

This is definitely a typical European spring festival. In particular, this flower festival is held in Keukenhof, a suburb of Lisse, south of Amsterdam and is held annually. You will be overwhelmed with an extremely colorful flower field and giant windmills. 

These features are not unfamiliar in the suburbs but are beautiful scenery for poetic photos. Participating in the festival, you will see a sea of Tulip flowers, Azalea flowers, Iris flowers, Evening primrose flowers,.... The colorfulness of nature makes people's hearts become gentle and relaxed. 

The festival will take place for 2 months, from mid-March to mid-May. Take a day during your trip in Europe in March to enjoy the colors and fragrance of these flowers.

Other interesting destinations in Europe

Places to travel in Europe in March: Porto - Portugal

Porto is a destination ranked as "the safest city in the world", and is also on the list of "the most romantic cities in Europe". Coming to Porto, you can walk around the streets of the Douro River and admire the typical Portuguese architectural features imprinted on architectural structures or ancient buildings on the streets. city.

Plovdiv - Bulgaria

Dubbed the "fashion puzzle" of Europe, it will be extremely pleasing to the eye when walking on the streets of Plovdiv, you will encounter outfits that are deeply personal and extremely unique. And as the "cultural capital of Europe", Plovdiv is famous for its rich history and many impressive architectural works with special artistic styles.

Stavanger - Norway

A place of wonderful natural beauty, with majestic mountains and long beaches, Norway's Stavanger is one of the suitable destinations for passengers who love natural beauty. Visitors here can experience exciting climbing or camping activities in Kjerag. When spring comes, Stavanger becomes even more attractive with colorful wooden houses under the sun blending with the fresh natural landscape.

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