Travel to Europe in July

Travel to Europe in July: All things you should know

Europe is a famous territory with many amazing places that attract many tourists. So this July, what will be special in Europe? Join MNS87 on the tour travel in Europe in July to explore.

Europe in July

July is the month of transition when summer is about to end and autumn is about to begin. Therefore, Europe's climate will not be as hot as summer, but will bring a gentle, fresh breeze from autumn. The leaves on the trees will begin to turn yellow in preparation for falling, and the late-blooming flowers will "take advantage" to bloom before the weather changes. 

Europe in July

Europe in July

That's how nature prepares for autumn, so what will Europeans do? Some countries will have big holidays this season, or simply vibrant "last summer parties" in home gardens or on cool, clear beaches. Join MBS87 on the bus rental service in Europe to see what interesting European countries will have this July.

Travel to Europe in July: Top destinations

Top 1 - Travel to Europe in July destinations: Capri - Italy

A small island in the Tyrrhenian Sea, located off the Sorrento Peninsula, Bay of Naples, Capri is a "jewel" of Italy at sea. In Capri there is a very beautiful beach, a place for passengers who like to take sparkling pictures with the beach at sunrise or sunset. 

Top 1 - Travel to Europe in July destinations: Capri - Italy

Top 1. Capri - Italy

In addition, you can organize picnics, sports activities, or simply a date with your family or lover on the white sand beach. And it doesn't stop there, you can explore the island on a cruise, visit caves and enjoy local cuisine.

Top 2 - Travel to Europe in July destinations: Provence - France

In Eastern France, there is a lavender field grown in Provence. The poetic and immense purple lavender flowers, this scene and scent will help you relieve stress and fatigue in life and work. You can reward yourself with a "French girl" photo shoot in this lavender field.

Top 2. Provence - France

Top 2. Provence - France

Top 3 - Travel to Europe in July destinations: Istanbul - Türkiye

Istanbul is Türkiye's largest city, located in Europe and very close to Asia. Therefore, Istanbul is a place of intersection between Asian and European cultures. It certainly promises that there will be many interesting and exciting things to do in this Turkish city. MBS87 will reveal one of the interesting things that you will be able to admire both ancient European architecture of Christian churches and typical Islamic architecture in the same city. 

In the late afternoon, when the markets light up, you will witness the sparkling scene of the lights of the shops decorating the golden sunset sky, extremely lively and bustling. You will easily see restaurants on cruise ships running slowly on the river. You can experience this interesting thing.

Top 4 - Travel to Europe in July destinations: Rome - Italy

Rome, a famous ancient city in Europe and located right in the heart of Italy. When talking about Rome, you will definitely remember the Colosseum. This is a masterpiece of humanity that has survived many years of history and still stands tall today. Besides the Colosseum, there are many other ancient buildings in Rome that promise to bring you many experiences through each moment of history.

Top 5. Frankfurt - Germany

Autumn in Frankfurt will surprise you with its unique beauty, both vibrant and profound. The peaceful street corners dressed in the yellow color of autumn leaves, along with the cool air of July, will all make you feel comfortable and at ease during your stroll down the streets of Frankfurt city. And when you come to Frankfurt, visit Romer Square or the River Main museum and other architectural works. Surely you will be amazed by the beauty and sophistication of the ancient culture.

Top 6. Saint Petersburg - Russia

Saint Petersburg is an ancient city of Russia and located on European territory. This is a place worthy of being on the list of the most worth-visiting cities on the tour travel in Europe in July. Saint Petersburg is a gentle symphony in the blue autumn sky. This ancient city is located next to the romantic Neva River. You will be overwhelmed by rows of golden birch trees in autumn, winter palaces, proud summer palaces, magnificent Isaac's Cathedral and parks filled with yellow and red leaves.

Top 6. Saint Petersburg - Russia

Top 6. Saint Petersburg - Russia

This July, let's explore Europe with MBS87.

So what are you waiting for? Come along with MBS87 on your upcoming trip to Europe in July? MBS87 is a company that specializes in organizing travel tours in Europe during all seasons of the year, including this bustling July. Coming to MBS87, you will get:

This July, let's explore Europe with MBS87.

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