Top 6 great places in Europe in May

Top 6 great places in Europe in May

May, a month that has just ended spring and opened a vibrant summer in Europe. Let's consider places in Europe in May for your trip with MBS87. So you don't miss out on interesting and unique activities in European countries.

Climate in Europe in May

Climate in Europe in May

Europe's summer will fall around May, June and July. The characteristics of summer are exciting activities, festivals, ... And especially activities near the sea. Because the summer sun in Europe is not too harsh. The average temperature is about 25 - 34 degrees Celsius. These two things explain why Europe becomes an ideal tourist destination every summer. Please follow MBS87 on his trip in Europe in May to visit the top 6 ideal locations.

Interesting places in Europe in May

Top 1 - Interesting places in Europe in May: Stockholm - Capital of Sweden

This is at the top of the list because Stockholm is known as one of the most peaceful capitals in Europe. Stockholm is Sweden's largest city, located at the junction of Malar Lake and Salt Bay. 

Top 1 - Interesting places in Europe in May: Stockholm - Capital of Sweden

This city belongs to both islands and the mainland of Sodermanland and Uppland. With a terrain with many rivers, the picture of "capital Stockholm" becomes very gentle. May is the ideal time for camping in the forests on the outskirts of the capital.

Top 2 - Interesting places in Europe in May: Vienna - Capital of Austria

Every May, a festival will be held in Vienna to celebrate Austria's International Labor Day. If you come here on this occasion, you will see Vienna dressed in a brilliant red color. This is the symbolic color for this important occasion of the Austrian capital. 

You can also directly participate in the activities of this great holiday: immerse yourself in the crowd, participate in outstanding activities, enjoy cuisine at local restaurants,...

Top 2. Capital of Austria

After attending the festival, you can visit a few other famous places in Vienna. Such as: Schonbrunn Palace - a relic recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, historic center of Vienna, Hofburg Imperial Palace, .. And to relax and have fun, you should visit Prater Park to participate in interesting games. Or if you want to learn about the history and architecture of Vienna, visit St. Stephen's Cathedral.

Top 3 - Interesting places in Europe in May: Lake Geneva - Switzerland

The next place you should visit on your trip in Europe in May is Switzerland's Lake Geneva. Exuding natural beauty, Lake Geneva gives visitors a poetic and gentle feeling. With a cool, temperate climate, this is an ideal place for boating sessions, tea parties or picnics with friends and relatives,...

And when you come to Lake Geneva, you can admire the wine villages, the city at night, the sound of bells ringing,... After you have had a long day of tiring travel, you can visit the beaches. Lie down along Lake Geneva to enjoy comfortable relaxing moments at the end of the day.

Top 4 - Interesting places in Europe in May: Cappadocia - Türkiye

When you arrive in Cappadocia during your Europe in May trip, your feelings will be like the character "Alice and Wonderland". Cappadocia has extremely surreal landscapes. Soaring rocks are located next to traditional houses, underground caves and tunnels, houses with ancient architecture,...

And the two scenes you will be most impressed with during the trip are the aridity of this land and the hot air balloons flying in the sky. Walking up a cliff, you can see the scene of colorful hot air balloons flying in the sky with birds,... What a perfect combination of people added color for natural sky color.

Top 5 - Interesting places in Europe in May: Santorini - Greece

And if you accompany your lover on a trip to Europe in May, then Santorini is very suitable to be the next destination for the two of you. The enchanting sunset scene, along with the blue of the sea and white waves, on the beach there is architecture with bright colors,... all blend together to create a poetic picture. 

In particular, the kiss scene in Santorini overlooking the crater is one of the scenes that makes a strong impression on anyone who witnesses that moment.

Top 6 - Interesting places in Europe in May: Lofoten Islands - Norway

The last place on the list of places worth visiting on your trip to Europe in May is Norway's Lofoten archipelago. Possessing pure natural beauty, this is an archipelago suitable for those who are weak in nature. 

With the mountain range stretching in the middle of the island, the green lawns adorned with several colors of flowers, the clear blue sky, the houses with striking colors,... Everything makes visitors feel like they are walking into a world of incredible lightness and grandeur.

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