Why coach travel Is Better Than Taking a Train or a Flight?

Why coach travel Is Better Than Taking a Train or a Flight?

Coach travel has developed a bad rap for being stuffy and uncomfortable over the years, but that's just not the case. Coaches have advanced significantly in recent years, and they are now a preferred mode of transportation. We've included some of our favorite arguments for why taking a bus is preferable to taking a train or flying.

Coach travel is better for your bank account 

Train fares have been continually rising for years, and it is quickly becoming one of the most expensive ways to travel throughout the UK. In January 2020, train fares rose by 2.7%, which doesn’t seem like a lot but over time this adds up. 

When travelling around the UK, mini bus hire europe can be a cost-effective way of getting you and your friends, family or colleagues from A to B. Or, if you’re planning a hen-do, stag-do or a big event then hiring a coach is a great, cheap way to travel. 

Coach travel is better for your bank account

Coach travel helps save time 

From start to finish, travelling by aeroplane can be time-consuming. From driving to the airport, parking, checking in, getting through security, finding your gate, boarding the plane and then your actual flight. There’s a lot of waiting around. When travelling by train you have to make your way to the train station, find the right platform, board the train. And then stop at a number of different stops along your journey. Your overall journey can be lengthy, and you can find yourself waiting around a lot. 

If you book a private coach as your transport then your driver will pick you up directly from your home, office or wherever your designated pick up point is at a time that suits you. As your coach is private you won’t have to worry about taking any unnecessary additional stops along the way. Which makes your overall journey time much quicker. 

Coaches are more eco-friendly 

Flights can be cheap, but they are very costing on the environment. Aeroplanes burn a massive amount of fuel even on short flights. Each flight produces large amounts of carbon dioxide which contributes to the pollution in the atmosphere. 

Coaches, however, are very efficient, on average they emit 10x less carbon dioxide than aeroplanes do. As they can carry 18 to 58 passengers per journey, meaning per person less carbon dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere. Making them a much more environmentally friendly option. 

Travelling by coaches are comfortable 

If you’ve not travelled on a coach in many years, then you may have many preconceptions surrounding coach travel. Gone are the days of dark, stuffy, uncomfortable coaches and welcome the new dawn of coach travel. Coach interiors are now designed to be spacious and comfortable with clean bathrooms, air conditioning and many have WIFI. Meaning you can enjoy your favourite shows, get some work done or browse the web while on your journey. 

Travelling by coaches are comfortable

Take as much luggage as you want 

Unlike with trains and planes, there isn’t a restriction on the amount of luggage you take with you when travelling by coach – especially private ones. Coaches have large under compartment storage for large items as well as overhead storage for smaller, more important items.

Book a coach to travel

When you decide on travelling somewhere one of the most important things to organise is how you will get to your destination. If you are travelling through the Europe, then why not book a coach with private driver. MBS87 we can help find the best transport for your journey by requesting a quote. 

Hope you can find the answer for the question "Why coach travel is better than taking a train or a flight?". And apply this knowledge for your next trip.

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