Innsbruck - The reasonable seasons, take bus rental now

Innsbruck - The reasonable seasons, take bus rental now

Do you want to know if the seasons are suitable for customers to travel and enjoy their holiday in Innsbruck with coach rental for Innsbruck? MBS 87 operations and hiring coaches, and buses can help you have a travel chain to visit in Innsbruck without spending extreme money, exhausting thought in making plans or lack of introduction on how to wander the Innsbruck in a proper way.

Innsbruck - The reasonable seasons to visit Innsbruck

Innsbruck - The reasonable seasons to visit Innsbruck Bus rental for Innsbruck

  • Traveling seasons: The summer goes from May to September always the best time to travel in Innsbruck. This stage always has utilized conditions without winter, frozen and fascinating weather, and the day timing lengthened to 9 hours. The entertainment, cultural, and artistic activities are also active.
  • Shoulder seasons: From the spring to the autumn, the weather is not as perfect as the peak seasons. But the prices are lower than a little bit and the travelers are also smaller. The spring has a few Austrian vacations. And then, in the autumn you have opportunities to join the champagne or wine festivals and Harvest Festival of the locator. 
  • The winter in Innsbruck is not a good idea to travel and explore. The cooling weather and darker in the afternoon, only 4 pm starts dark in the weather. However, if you choose the last November and December, the Christmas market in Innsbruck starts early. 

Famous tourist destinations in Innsbruck

Famous tourist destinations in Innsbruck Bus rental for Innsbruck

Ambras Castle Innsbruck

Ambras Castle Innsbruck is one of the main attractions in Innsbruck, the capital of the Alps. Its cultural and historic significance is inseparable from the personality of Archduke Ferdinand II (1529-1595), who promoted the arts and sciences as a true Renaissance prince. He established the magnificent Ambras collections and had a museum facility built in the lower castle to house them, designed according to modern criteria from the time.

Archduke Ferdinand II had the medieval Ambras castle converted into the present Renaissance castle to display his collections of worldwide fame. The beautifully preserved romantic Renaissance-style castle includes Europe’s oldest collection of arts, armories, and books. The renowned Portrait Gallery features over 200 paintings of outstanding historical and artistic value, reflecting the reign of the Habsburg Dynasty. Works by Lucas Cranach, Peter Paul Rubens, Anthony van Dyck, and Diego Velásquez are on view in the gallery. The castle is divided into a lower and an upper castle set in the remains of a medieval fortress. The ground floor of the upper castle houses a collection of late-medieval paintings and the Saint George Altar of Emperor Maximilian I.

Golden Roof

With its 2,657 gilded copper shingles and rich fresco and relief decoration, the oriel in the middle of Innsbruck's old town was an eye-catcher not only when it was built around 1500. Today, more than 500 years later, the Golden Roof still attracts thousands of visitors every day and is Innsbruck's most famous sight - far beyond the borders of Austria.

The bay of the Golden Roof (Goldenes Dachl) is 16 meters wide, and the roof is 3.7 meters high and tiled with 2,657 fire-gilded copper shingles. Below the fringe of the roof, you can see many animal figures. The parapet, however, is ornamented with reliefs by Kolderer and N. Turing the Old, portraying the emperor with his wives Mary of Burgundy and Bianca Maria Sforza together with Morris dancers. Did you know that the original relief tiles were replaced by copies in the 20th century? Nowadays six of the original tiles can be admired in the Golden Roof Museum.


Bergisel ski run is located on Bergise mountain. On skis, you can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery of Innsbruck. But the building itself is the work of world-famous architect Sakhati.

This is one of the important locations in the FIS Ski Jumping World Cup tournament. Every year the third competition of the prestigious Four Hills tournament is held here.

The ski jump on Bergisel Hill in Innsbruck was rebuilt in 2001. The bridge construction of the in-run, the building construction of the tower. And the steel construction of the tower head beautifully combine different fields of architecture. Iraqi-born architect Zaha Hadid is behind this architectural masterpiece. She also left her mark on the Tomigaya Building in Tokyo, the Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art in Cincinnati. And the expansion of the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid.

Transportation to get to Innsbruck

Transportation to get to Innsbruck Bus rental for Innsbruck

With so much development and expansion to be perfect bus charter travel in Innsbruck now we will have many ways to have vehicles such as cars, buses, and limousines. We are MBS 87, which organizes cross-country cars and travels through European countries.

With services such as planning, choosing locations as well and providing a reasonable travel itinerary, hotels and accommodations near the center help you minimize travel time.

We always have meals to serve diners that suit the taste and culture of the country you are visiting and have additional specialties of the city or country depending on the season. Each season, and country we offer different fun activities and buffet meals for food enthusiasts to enjoy.

MBS87 specializes in tour bus charter for Innsbruck in particular and in Austria in general. In addition, we also organize bus rental services in Europe, so we understand many destinations and interesting activities well. in European cities. Come with us:

More than 10 years in the tourism industry

Our staff (drivers, local guides, FOC TL, consultants,...) have many years of experience in tourism. In addition, we are also professionally trained in many different fields.

Because bus rental service in Wien are professionally trained in all fields, we can help you have trips with the best service when the tour guide and driver both use English as their main language. We can provide you with the best conditions such as our garage ensuring connections throughout the cities that are convenient for vehicle movement.

Good price

MBS87 always offers you different and reasonable prices to choose from. Not only that, I also suggest to you the appropriate seasons and the best tips when visiting these countries with the highest process and level.

In addition, if you have any additional services or questions, you can feel free to contact us. MBS87 and you will always be together throughout the trip.

The cheapest services of us including:

  • Coach rental for Innsbruck
  • Tour bus charter for Innsbruck
  • Rental bus tour for Innsbruck

How to get to Innsbruck by bus?

How to get to Innsbruck by bus? Bus rental for Innsbruck

You arrive at Innsbruck by plane and our bus rental services in Austria will be waiting for you at Kranebitten airport. This is the airport that operates for the entire Tyrol region in western Austria. T

he airport is located in the west and 4km from the city center and we will wait for you on time in a convenient. And convenient place to see you and finally take you to a hotel or safe accommodation.

Traveling by bus on the bus tour in Innsbruck, you will slowly see every scene of a castle, monument, and even some strange structures beside the roads.

Besides, the bus can quickly meet your urgent needs such as stopping to buy souvenirs, visiting unexpected destinations, … Or simply wanting to see more places there for longer,... MBS87's driver and FOC TL are extremely friendly and thoughtful. So don't be shy to voice your requests to us during the trip.

Come to MBS87 to make your fabulous journey by enjoying "perfect bus charter travel in Innsbruck" come true.

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