How to have an interesting bus rental for Wolfsberg?

How to have an interesting bus rental for Wolfsberg?

Located in the Lavanttal Alps, in the Lavant river valley, Wolfberg is the capital city of the Wolfsberg district in the Austrian state of Carinthia, very suitable for a coach hire service for Wolfsberg. Let's travel with MBS87 in the city of Wolfsburg. 

Wolfsberg - a city of four seasons

Wolfsburg - a city of four seasons Bus rental for Wolfsberg

The tourist season in Austria in particular and Wolfberg in general is very diverse and regardless of season. If you are a person who likes parties and festivals, you should go to Wolfsberg in the summer because there will be many festivals with many excellent artistic performances. 

And if you like quiet space and admiring natural scenery, then the ice and snow scene over the city of Wolfsberg is very suitable for you. In addition, winter in Wolfsberg also has many interesting sports activities. Let's take a look at some interesting places on the coach hire tour in Wolfsberg for you and MBS87.

Famous scenic spot of Wolfsberg


This is a mountain pass in the Austrian Alps, it connects Wolfsberg with St. Veit. On the pass there is a resort and ski resort at Hohenwart. Along the road on the pass, there are many hotels and wooden houses. If you love sports and adventure, you should try climbing this pass, but remember to pay attention to safety.


The Lavant Valley is located in the Lavanttal Alps in southern Austria and in the eastern part of the state of Carinthia. This is the valley that makes up the majority of the administrative district of Wolfsberg. Famous art figures such as Christine Lavant, Switbert Lobisser,... have done a lot to promote the culture of the valley. 

Among them, there are regular special exhibitions held in the Benedictine monastery of St. Paul, helping to increase the richness of art collections. In addition, Lavantattal also appears in many literary works.

Grosser Speikkogel

Grosser Speikkogel is the highest peak of the Koralpe range. The cross on top was erected in 1948, on the cross beam are the words: "Be true to your homeland" on one side and "Free and Undivided Carinthia" on the other. Grosser Speikkogel is often a stopping point for hiking adventurers, and there is also a radio and television station.


The Saualpe is a low range of the Alps, the heart of the Lavant valley. On the slopes of Saualpe, there are fortified churches, which provided protection for the people at the time of the Turkish war. 

There is also an extensive network of hiking trails, branching out. So this place is a very popular place for people who love sports and outdoor experiences. Besides the trails, there are also motels or resorts and skiing activities.

Means of transportation to the city of Wolfsburg

Means of transportation to the city of Wolfsburg Bus rental for Wolfsberg

It must be admitted that today there are many modern vehicles that can help us travel everywhere easily and conveniently. With just one bus rental service in Austria, you can go to any city, any province, including Wolfsburg. And we at MBS87 specialize in providing private bus tour service in Wolfsburg and in other provinces and cities of Austria. At MBS87, you will experience:

A most complete trip

With branches located in Austria and different cities, we understand each destination that passengers want to go to. Therefore, we will offer many interesting options for you to choose from, and all of them will help you enjoy all the activities and fully experience the special things in Wolfsburg.

A team of dedicated and enthusiastic staff

If you are still not satisfied with the options we offer, you are completely free to express your requirements, we at MBS87 will try to satisfy within our ability. Because of MBS87 we aim for the most comfortable experience for our customers, and this is also what we put first. So, don't be shy, contact us and explain to us your requirements. 

At MBS87, we own the most modern and high-end vehicles, to serve comfort and convenience in any tour in Europe in particular and Wolfsburg in general. We have standard buses, minibuses for small tour groups, VIP buses (limousines,...) for customers who want to enjoy the most luxury and comfort,... You just need to contact us, let MBS87 prepare everything for the rest of your tour in Wolfsburg.

How to get to Wolfsburg by using bus rental for Wolfsberg

How to get to Wolfsburg by using bus rental for Wolfsberg Bus rental for Wolfsberg

Where are you? It seems we heard your wish to travel to Wolfsburg, right? Then MBS87 will come pick you up right here! With just one bus rental service, no matter where you are, we will come and give you a satisfying and fun trip. 

Are you afraid that we won't be able to reach where you live because it's far away? Don't worry, wherever you are in Europe, we can come pick you up. Because we are headquartered in Paris and have branches throughout Europe, our bus rental Austria or bus rental Vienna will pick you up and take you anywhere according to your wishes. 

Please contact MBS87 immediately to have an enjoyable experience on the bus tour rental service in Wolfsburg.

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