Bus rental for STEYR am Nationalpark - One of the best-preserved ancient cities in Austria

Bus rental for STEYR am Nationalpark - One of the best-preserved ancient cities in Austria

Use bus rental for Steyr to travel a city that resonates with echoes of centuries past. Nestled within the embrace of Austria's rich historical heritage lies STEYR am Nationalpark. As one of the best-preserved ancient cities in Austria, STEYR offers visitors a captivating journey through time.

Bus rental for STEYR am National Park 

Steyr is a statutory city located in the state of Oberösterreich, Austria. The city is located at the confluence of the River Steyr and the River Enns in what is known as naturally romantic. And Steyr is Austria's 12th most populous municipality and at the same time the 3rd largest city in the Oberösterreich.

Steyr has existed for a long time and still preserves historical traces. It was once a manufacturing center and the name been used to name several manufacturers headquartered there. Such as the Steyr-Daimler-Puch group and its successor Steyr Motors GmbH.

Geography of Steyr

Geography of Steyr Bus rental for Steyr

The city lies in the Traunviertel region, with the rivers Steyr and Enns flowing through and meeting near the town center below Lamberg Castle and St Michael's Church. Because of its low-lying location, it has created many serious floods over the centuries until now, one of the worst recent floods being the August 2002 flood. And in the south of the town, it spread by a series of high hills and stretches to Voralpen in Upper Austria. To the north, the hills roll down to the confluence of the Enns with the Danube, where the town of Enns is located. To the east, it borders Lower Austria.

Steyr is an ancient city that is a mark of lasting history but has also adapted to the modern environment because of the comforts within it. Like Vienna, it and many other well-preserved historic Austrian towns also have a rich cultural and architectural heritage that attracts tourists. The new tourism region comprises 18 municipalities and offers guests unique nature, city & culture, pleasurable experiences, and convinces with professionals in the field of conferences/incentives.

It marked its 1,000th anniversary in 1980, after undergoing numerous restorations of its historic architecture, which have made it one of the best-preserved ancient cities in Austria. The famous old city center built around a Stadtplatz (square) that largely restored after World War II. Also, its most famous piece of architecture called the Bummerlhaus, considered one of the most extensive Gothic structures in Central Europe.

The city divided into cadastral areas: Christkindl, Föhrenschacherl, Gleink, Hinterberg, Jägerberg, Sarning, Stein, and Steyr.

The destinations should go when traveling in Steyr - bus rental for Steyr

The destinations should go when traveling in Steyr Bus rental for Steyr

Schloss Lamberg Events

Built in a strategic location along the confluence of River Enns and River Steyr, the Schloss Lamberg stands majestically at the northern end of the Old Town. Displaying mainly Baroque influences, this castle was designed in the 16th century by the illustrious Domenico d’Angel. And the private library within holds the largest collection of books numbering over 11,000, and some of them are nearly 5 centuries old. Also very often classical concerts held within the magnificent confines of Schloss Lamberg.


The Bummerlhaus is a gothic building in Steyr, Austria. And also it is the best preserved late Gothic mansion in Steyr and is one of the finest medieval secular buildings in Austria. The oldest part of the building dates from the thirteenth century, and it is first mentioned in documents dating from 1450.

The house is a typical Steyr design, consisting of a richly decorated façade facing the square. Behind which lies the house, and three courtyards with arcades. It has a steep hipped roof. The façade facing the square on the first floor has a cantilevered, stone-carved, wide bay window. Which spans the entire elevation, adorned with blind arcades and a rich frieze with quatrefoil tracery. Among which the five windows are placed asymmetrically. Above the narrow roof of the wide bay window rises a brick gable wall with blind arches of brick.

The name of the house (Bummerl meaning to this time "plump little dog") stems from its one-time seal from its days as an inn that contained a lion the people of Steyr jokingly said looked like a dog.

Josef Werndl Monument

As the economic conditions in Steyr at the close of the 19th century were suffering. The establishment of the Austrian Rifle Factory, by Josef Werndl (1831 - 1889) was a vital and important addition to the region's financial situation.

He designed the breech-loading rifle together, and Karl Holub. In 1935 his factory became the Steyr-Daimler-Puch Company-AG.
Out of gratitude for his outstanding services rendered to the town of Steyr. Moreover, this memorial statue was created by Viktor Tilgner and installed in 1894.




Max Rahofer continues his parents' culinary triad of coziness, indulgence. And a little glamour, charming guests with his Italian-inspired delicacies in the romantic restaurant.

Stadtplatz 9, 4400 Steyr, Austria


Maria Reitner and her husband Bernhard have created an epicurean pearl in Steyr with a focus on northern Italian cuisine. Pasta is the highlight, like the ravioli they make themselves, whilst the wine.

Gleinkergasse 1, 4400 Steyr, Austria


It's a boon for Steyr that the Taborturm has been kissed awake again after ten years. The view of the Enns Valley is picture-perfect, as is the food. In addition to local classics, the fine dining is also impressive.

Taborweg 7, 4400 Steyr, Austria

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