Bus rental for Sankt Pölten: A rental service bus to Sankt Polten

Bus rental for Sankt Pölten: A rental service bus to Sankt Polten

The bus rental for Sankt Pölten with MBS87 to tour around the city located on the River Traisen and north of the Alps, Sankt Polten is a very suitable place for a coach hire tour. 

Sankt Polten - Austria's largest and oldest capital

Sankt Polten - Austria's largest and oldest capital Bus rental for Sankt Pölten

Sankt Polten, also known as St. Polten - is a name originating from Hippolytus of Rome. The oldest part of the city of Sankt Polenta was built in ancient Roman times, existing from the 2nd century to the 5th century. And in 799, this structure was called Treisma.

St. Polten has replaced Vienna as the capital of Lower Austria since July 1986. Located in the West and very close to the famous city of Vienna, so St. Polten is often visited by many tour coach hire in Austria or use bus rental service for Vienna. If we go back to the 17th and 18th centuries, the golden age of St. Polten, the splendor of Baroque architecture in St. Polten is comparable to Vienna.

Places worth visiting in St. Polten

Places worth visiting in St. Polten Bus rental for Sankt Pölten

Rathaus - town hall

As the seat of the mayor, city senate and city council, the Rathaus stands as a symbol of St. Polten. The main architectural style of this building is mixed through many periods: from Baroque to Renaissance and Gothic. Around 1727, Baroque Tyrolean master builder Joseph Munggenast was in charge of redesigning the facade - with a Renaissance portal and tower.

Ancient Jewish synagogue 

This is a living place for Jewish believers. The synagogue is a large rectangular house, facing the Jerusalem Temple. It often holds prayers and Bible readings in Hebrew and then in Aramaic, and finally a sermon on the scripture passage that the believers have just read. This place will be a place worth visiting on your minibus rental hire for St. Polten trip.


As a famous theater of Sankt Polten, Festspielhaus has a contemporary architecture. With a history of more than 18 years, this theater has gradually become a leading venue with stages for old dance parties and concerts from classical to jazz.

Klangturm - Sound Tower

With a total height of 77 meters, the Klangturm tower is an ideal place to enjoy panoramic views of the capital city of Austria. You can get to Klangturm's rooftop in two ways: using the panoramic elevator or walking up 280 steps.

Melk Monastery

Just a short distance from the center of St. Polten 20 minutes on the bus rental service for Sankt Polten, Melk monastery will make your trip more meaningful. It is a medieval monastery with steep, terraced vineyards overlooking the Danube River and was founded in 1089. Most famous here is its huge book resource. 

Melk monastery boasts a main hall containing an impressive 16,000 books and a ceiling fresco by artist Paul Troger. Italian writer Umberto Eco was inspired by this Melk monastery for his novel.

Vehicles to visit St. Polten

Vehicles to visit St. Polten Bus rental for Sankt Pölten

With a special place, we should have a special way to visit, right? MBS87 thinks that, to get a closer look at the ancient architecture and historical beauty of this capital of Lower Austria, we should take a private tour for Sankt Polten by bus. MBS87 will give you a meaningful trip, because:

MBS87 has a branch in Austria

With headquarters in Paris - France, and branches throughout Europe, including St. Poltent of Lower Austria, MBS87 understands every route and street here. And so, we will take visitors to unforgettable experiences that only Sankt Polten can offer. Surely MBS87 will satisfy your eyes and experience anywhere in Austria in general and in St Polten in particular.

Modern means of transportation

With many vehicle lines from modern to luxury (standard bus, minibus limousine, coach, minibus standard,...), MBS87 can meet all customer needs. A luxurious trip, or a joyful and comfortable trip... MBS87 has all of these things.

Professional staff

With more than 10 years of experience, the staff, FOC TL, local guide,... are always ready to listen and support tourists every step of the way. We at MBS87 always put passengers' experience first, listen to opinions and feedback from our beloved passengers and are ready to change and upgrade services to make as many passengers as satisfied as possible.

Coming to MBS87, you just need to enjoy your trip, all problems (transportation, meals, hotel rooms, etc.) will be taken care of by us.


And if you're still concerned that you don't have enough money to go on a trip? Then please contact us at MBS87. We always rely on customer requests to offer options for tour service in Austria or bus rental service for Sankt Polten that are reasonable and suitable for your budget. MBS87 always ready to listen and give you a free quote. Don't let money problems hinder your love of St Polten or any trip.

How to get to Sankt Polten - Use bus rental for Sankt Pölten

How to get to Sankt Polten Bus rental for Sankt Pölten

No matter where you are, you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of this Lower Austrian capital. 

If you are a citizen of a country outside of Europe, then you only need one plane ticket to get to Europe, to any country that you want. And then, MBS87 will welcome you right away from the airport and take you to the capital city of Lower Austria with a bus rental Austria

If you are a citizen of Europe, visiting Sankt Polten is even easier to do. You just need to contact MBS87, then go prepare your luggage for your trip. MBS87 will come to the city where you live, pick you up in a coach rental service in that city. After that, you and MBS87 will travel together on that coach rental service to St. Polten.

We are always here and ready to wait for your arrival. See you on the rental service bus for Sankt Polten in the near future. Hope to see you soon.

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