Interesting points traveling by bus rental for Klagenfurt

Interesting points traveling by bus rental for Klagenfurt

Embark on a journey of discovery in Klagenfurt, Austria, with our dedicated bus rental for Klagenfurt services. Navigate this charming city and its surrounding beauty with ease. Allowing you to explore its rich cultural heritage and picturesque landscapes in comfort and convenience.

Klagenfurt - capital of the state of Karnten

Klagenfurt - capital of the state of Karnten Bus rental for Klagenfurt

Klagenfurt is located in Southern Austria and right in the middle of the country. To the west is Innsbruck and to the east is Vienna, to the south of the city are the Karawanken mountains. Separating the state of Karnten from Slovenia and Italy. The city of Klagenfurt is surrounded by several forested hills and mountains. Creating a picture of a combination of nature and human hands.

Klagenfurt is a popular holiday destination with mountains to the south and also to the north. In addition, this city also has many parks, many houses and castles in peaceful suburbs. We at MBS87 have created a private tour for Klagenfurt by bus, come on this bus and explore the city with us.

Famous tourist destinations in Klagenfurt

Lake Worthersee

Famous tourist destinations in Klagenfurt Bus rental for Klagenfurt

This is an extremely large lake and is located just west of the city. Lake Worthersee is a very famous place for tourists who love watersports and boating. This sporting activity is very popular, people here often organize boat racing competitions. If you travel here, you can also participate. 

In addition, there are also walking paths around the lake, for visitors who want to slowly feel the "pulse" of Klagenfurt through each scene of nature. Or you can see Klagenfurt through the window of our MBS87 coach hire for the Klagenfurt trip, so you will feel healthier and admire the "Klagenfurt picture" more.


This is the tallest wooden observation tower in the world. Do you dare to climb 100 m of the Pyramenkogel tower? The reward for your courage is the beautiful view of the Alps and Lake Worthersee. And the "bonus gift" when you climb to the top of the tower is that you will be able to descend the tower by sliding 120m long and you will reach a speed of 25 km/h.

Minimundus Park 

Minimundus Park is one of the parks you cannot miss when visiting the capital of Karnten state. A miniature town made up of models of some of the most recognizable buildings from around the world (St Peter's Basilica, Tower of London, White House and Sydney Opera House,...). These small models have proven the perseverance and time investment of talented engineers. 

In winter, Minimundus Park has many interesting activities such as decorating famous architectural models with Christmas lights, craft making activities, magic shows,... And when you come here, you will feel like you are a giant coming to "visit" the city of tiny people. Surely little babies will love this feeling. 

Neuer Platz Square 

A spacious square containing Klagenfurt's most famous landmark, the giant Dragon Fountain - Lindwurmbrunnen. Legend has it that the city of Klagenfurt was built on a dragon's swamp. Perhaps that is why in 1590, Ulrich Vogelsang decided to carve this fountain from a single block of Chlorite slate. Lindwurmbrunnen is late Renaissance in style and contains many statues of Greek gods.

Transportation to get to Klagenfurt

Transportation to get to Klagenfurt Bus rental for Klagenfurt

Because the city of Klagenfurt is located right next to Innsbruck and Vienna. Bus rental tours for Austria will often visit these three cities. In addition, Klagenfurt is also close to Slovenia and Italy, so traveling by coach will be very convenient and quick. If you are wondering what to do with your trip to Klagenfurt? We at MBS87 will support you. Coming to us you will:

Enjoy an exciting tour

With more than 10 years of experience in the tourism industry, our nggux team is very knowledgeable about each city and country in Europe, including Austria. 

Therefore, to arrange and select unique and impressive destinations to make your tour memorable, MBS87 can do this easily and quickly. In addition, we will design many different options around the destinations you want so you can choose the option you love the most.

With a stable and reasonable price

When you come to MBS87, you just need to enjoy this trip to the fullest, because all expenses (transportation costs, parking fees, hotel rooms, meals, etc.) are covered. We add to the tour price, becoming an extremely reasonable package price, close to the market price and suitable for each person's economy. Especially our Bus rental service in Vienna attracts a lot of tourists by its quality and price, take a look now.

Besides, you can also freely make your requests (what kind of hotel do you want to stay in? do you want your meals to be European, Asian, … style? Where do you want to visit more?... ), MBS87 is willing to support and help with any request within our ability.

Travel by modern means

Travel by modern means At MBS87, we have many vehicles that can meet many customer needs (such as the number of group passengers, vehicle quality, modernity and luxury of buses, minibusses, coaches, limousine buses, etc. ..). And we at MBS87 have branches throughout Europe, so wherever you are, we can send a bus to pick you up and take you on a trip. 

How to get to Klagenfurt by bus?

Let MBS87 help you have a complete and enjoyable bus rental service for Klagenfurt trip. Our staff is always willing, so please contact MBS87 immediately. We receive completely free consultation and quotes for all tourists who want to visit the city of Klagenfurt or Austria with coach rental. Please contact us.

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