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MBS 87 Travel Agency in Paris and Europe Bus Rental Service

Europe Travel Pass (ETP)

Europe Travel Pass (ETP)

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For hotels: Each week you will receive newsletters from us, containing our best and most inspirational offers of the week. Our offers (flash sales) are live for up to 14 days but you'll always find a selection of chic city breaks, beautiful country getaways and gorgeous beach retreats.

For buses:
- Reserve all your buses with a driver with a fixed price that will be the same for 1 whole year (starting from the day you bought the Pass - the price of the bus rental with driver is in the detail of the Pass)
- Being assured of having a bus with a driver at any time.
- Don't have to be afraid of bus rental market price fluctuations or last minute reservations.
- Provide useful information for customers' trips.
- 20% discount of all the bus rental with driver price that we quote without ETP Pass or any quotation that you can find.

1 Pass valid for 1 year and can be used for 12 itineraries.

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