Bus rental for Athens at attractive prices | Diverse car lines

MBS 87 provides a comprehensive solution for bus rental for Athens and other European countries. We are constantly raising modern lines in many different sizes. To provide bus rental services at good prices, ensuring maximum comfort and safety for customers.

We are proud to become a partner of many units around the world. Our buses include many modern features, your group will arrive safely with a team of professional, experienced drivers at MBS 87.

Why you should book a coach rental in Athens with us?

  • Comfortable and convenient car design

    The maximum capacity for small routes is about 20 passengers, while for large tour groups, it will be 100 or more. The bus system is regularly maintained and serviced, and there is a spacious air conditioning system inside.

  • Friendly and professional driver

    The driving team at MBS 87 has been licensed to drive and deeply understands the history, culture, and style of the localities here. Skilled drivers will take you on the most convenient routes, especially when traveling long distances.

  • Flexible car rental form

    We provides a variety of different passenger car rental services such as basic daily car rental, contract car rental, long trips, weddings, and many other important events. Operating 24/24 to help answer all your difficulties and questions quickly.

  • The tour guide is knowledgeable and enthusiastic

    Local guides, in addition to being proficient in communication languages, also have a detailed understanding of the history, culture, and cuisine of the Athens region. Brings useful information and tips for your travel to Athens.

  • Bus rental for Athens

    Mercedes E Class

  • Bus hire for Athens

    Mercedes V Class

  • Coach rental for Athens

    Mercedes S Class

  • Bus hire for Athens

    Tesla Model S

  • Bus rental for Athens

    Mercedes Sprinter

  • Bus hire for Athens

    Mercedes Bus

  • Bus rental for Acropolis of Athens

  • Bus rental for Acropolis Museum

  • Bus rental for Plaka and Anafiotika

  • Bus rental for Piraeus

  • Bus rental for Athens Riviera

  • Bus rental for Panathenaic Stadium

  • Bus rental for Syntagma Square

  • Bus rental for National Garden

  • Bus rental for the Temple of Olympian Zeus

  • Bus rental for Benaki Museum

  • Bus rental for the National Archeology Museum

  • Hiroshi

    I am very comfortable sitting in the car, the seats and aisles are spacious and airy. The driver not only drives very well but is also very enthusiastic and friendly with customers

  • Minho

    The tour guide can convey information very well, she provided me with useful knowledge about the history and culture in Athens.I will continue to choose to rent the MBS 87 bus for my European trip next year

  • Vikram

    The quality of the bus is excellent, the bus is designed with an air conditioning system so the inside is very cool and comfortable. The support staff is very enthusiastic and attentive.

  • Pierre

    I feel that the price of MBS 87 is quite reasonable, especially since their quote process is very quick and detailed. Helps me save a lot of time on my travels.

  • Phuong Nhi

    The driver is very friendly, he also shared with us about the local cuisine in Athens. Suggesting famous dishes to us, I had a memorable experience on this trip.

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