What to eat in Romania?

What to eat in Romania?

With its rich, varied culture and history of occupation by different peoples over the centuries, it is no surprise that Romania has such an interesting food scene. 

This list includes some must-try foods, so make sure you don't miss out on any opportunities while visiting Romania.


Eggplant Salad – Salata De Vinete Romaneasca

Salata de vinete romaneasca, eggplant salad. This dish is easy and quick to make. It only takes about 15 minutes from the start-to-finish. It's perfect for those busy days when you don't feel like cooking but still want something healthy (and delicious). 

What to eat in Romania?

Boeuf Salad

The delicious, comforting dish known as boeuf salad is often served at family gatherings and special occasions. This French meal consists of boiled chicken or beef mixed with potatoes, carrots, parsnips, pickles, cucumbers, and mayonnaise mustard for flavor. Some lemon juice tops it off to make everything nice and refreshing!

What to eat in Romania?


A delicious, savory spread that's popular in Romania. The ingredients roasted eggplant, sauteed onions, and tomato paste for added flavor. You can find this dish on any menu throughout the year as well. 

It doesn't matter if you're having an appetizer or breakfast because there is always room at least once during your mealtime to enjoy some ZacuscAAAAAAAAA.

What to eat in Romania?

Roe Salad

The most popular dish in Romania is fish salad, and this one has prepared with the freshest roe I've ever tasted. It topped off by some chopped red onion, which makes it taste great!

What to eat in Romania?

Deviled Eggs

This is a dish that only Romanians would enjoy. It's an appetizer you can find on every major holiday. It consists of hard-boiled eggs cut in half, where the boiled yolk gets mixed with liver pate before being turned into paste to fill up inside each egg white piece by pieces, so they are not entirely covered over but still have some sauce or gravy on top for flavor too!

What to eat in Romania?

Cold Cuts Platter

The best Romanian snacks are platters full of delicacies such as pastrami, salami, and other meats. You’ll find these on the menu paired with salty cheese (telemea), and chopped onions mustard for an unforgettable flavor experience.

What to eat in Romania?



The traditional food of Romania is a sour soup made with meat and vegetables. They usually served alongside bread, cream cheese, or yogurt for added flavorings. It's not just about the taste. The hot peppers add spice to this dish that will water your mouth before you even get a Chance - pun totally intended.

The traditional Romanian dish ciorba has many variations, most commonly made from tripe or beef. You can also find it in beans and veggies form as well!

Main Dishes


You can find various types, but the most popular is probably soft, and hot polenta poured over salty cheese with pork meat atop it. The explanation for this dish will explained upon ordering, or checking out through what's available at your local restaurant!

What to eat in Romania?


Legend has it that this Romanian food was invented in a Bucharest train station restaurant when one of the clients asked for sausages, but they got grilled fillings. Well-seasoned red meats are often minced and served with French fries or salad. There's no better way to enjoy some delicious meat dishes than at home!

What to eat in Romania?


You can't go wrong with meatballs. They're a great way to enjoy some tasty food while getting your daily protein dose. Some people like them made from pork, but if you want something lighter, try turkey or chicken instead, there's no perfect option for everyone in this world, so try all three and see what feels right at home!!

What to eat in Romania?


This is one of the most popular traditional dishes from Romania. The meat and rice are mixed with onions in a sour or sweet cabbage leaf to make it taste even better. You can have this meal for lunch alongside some polenta topped off by creamy sauce that’ll leave you wanting more- guaranteed good times ahead when eating such delicious food at its best.

What to eat in Romania?

Fasole Cu Ciolan

This is a dish that's rich in flavor and satisfying to eat. It pairs well with any toppings you want, whether it is pickles or polenta!

Mamaliga Cu Branza Si Smantana

The traditional Romanian dish of polenta served with cottage cheese, and sour cream is a must-have for any traveler planning on visiting this beautiful country. 

Many restaurants throughout Romania serve it as an appetizer, but you will get full just by eating one bowl. The food arrives in simple yet delicious flavors. What more could anyone want?

What to eat in Romania?


The ingredients for this meal are cooked lamb organs, green onions, and eggs. It’s something like meatloaf with hard-boiled yolks inside. The dish has been enjoyed by people from all walks of life, including royalty, who would enjoy it at festive meals or celebrations. 

Just one more way that we can see how universal these dishes truly become when prepared correctly.

What to eat in Romania?



The papanasi is a popular dessert in Romania and across Europe. It’s made with cottage cheese mixed together with semolina, then topped off by breadcrumbs before being fried to golden perfection.

Sometimes you can even get two servings per person due to their generous portion sizes, but watch out because they're really filling, so don't overdo it if your appetite isn't as big yet.

What to eat in Romania?


Crepe-like pancakes that can be enjoyed with sweet cottage cheese, raisins and chocolate or jams. You might even find yourself in a restaurant that serves salty versions of these delicious treats - think meat + cheese mixed on top.


The Pasca cheesecake is a delicacy that can only be found at Easter time. The dough has been known to cause hiccuping in even the most seasoned of eaters, but with some practice, you will find it worth every bite.

You'll want this sweet treat afterward because your taste buds deserve all they're given after eating such an intense dish. 


The idea of a sweet, hearty dough wrapped around cocoa and nuts might sound like an unusual combination, but it's one that Romanians love. This dessert tastes best after dining on Christmas dinner at your home or hotel, and you can find them in bakeries across the country during all year long!

What to eat in Romania?

Poale-n Brau

If you’re looking for a delicious and unique treat, look no further than this regional pie. It's made of dough wrapped around cheesy filling that just might be the best in all of Romania. 

You can find these sweets at fairs or if they're available anywhere really, so don't miss out on your chance to enjoy them while they last, because once people start talking about how good it is. Well, let's not worry too much when mastication starts happening.

What to eat in Romania?



The best way to enjoy a meal in Romania is with some wine from the country. The wines they drink aren’t just any old bottle; these beverages are world-renowned and will complement your food beautifully.

Servers typically recommend pairing traditional dishes like borscht (a beet soup) or mamaliga (bean paste), which contain strong flavors you might need help savoring due to their spice level. The perfect match would be something sweet but also robust enough, and not too dry since most meals include gravies/sauces.

What to eat in Romania?


When it comes to drinking, Romanians are not messing around. They'll test your alcohol resistance by offering tuica. This spirit can contain 40-55% and only made from fermented plums. You'll also find the cereal version under other names like rachiu or just plain old "tuica."

What to eat in Romania?


The strong spirit made from apples, plums, and pears is palinca. Just because it's not tuica doesn't mean you can take less of a challenge to drink!

What to eat in Romania?


The sour cherry brandy is sweet yet still very high in alcohol, which makes it a popular drink among Romanians. The name of this beverage comes from the fruit used to make it and can translated as “with (the) tart berries." It's likely you'll find such traditional accommodation if your stay takes place near or involves locals - but don't count on finding any at hotels outside larger cities!

What to eat in Romania?

If you are looking for some of the best food in Romania, look no further than this list. All these dishes will make your taste buds happy and ready to go on a vacation with all their senses!

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