Top beautiful castles in Bulgaria you must visit

Top beautiful castles in Bulgaria you must visit

In our blog, we'll take you on a journey through the top beautiful castles in Bulgaria that you simply must visit.

Nestled in the heart of the Balkans, Bulgaria is a country with a rich and diverse history. One of the most enchanting aspects of this history is the legacy of its beautiful castles. These magnificent fortresses and palaces tell tales of battles, royalty, and architectural brilliance.

Let's explore together!

Top 1 - Beautiful castles in Bulgaria: Ovech Fortress

Ovech Fortress, also known as Provat in Byzantine Greek and Pravadi. It's a remnant of ancient history that sits atop an outcrop just east of town. 

Built by Byzantines before it fell under Bulgarian control during Middle Ages. The Ovechenski fortress played a major part First Bulgaria Empire with its bridge structure. Connecting the fortress itself alongside church ruins. 

NorthGate marble columns and prison buildings, amongst others left behind. While practiced Gorgeous views can be enjoyed all around you when visiting this gorgeous site.

Top 1 - Beautiful castles in Bulgaria: Ovech Fortress

Top 1. Ovech Fortress

Top 2 - Beautiful castles in Bulgaria: Tsarevets

Tsarevets, a mighty medieval stronghold in Bulgaria is located on top of a hill. The initial settlement began during the 300’s when it became home to Byzantine citizens. WWho would later be known as classical antiquity's nationality—Bulgarian people. 

This 12th-century fortress served as protection and inspiration for future generations building their own fortresses around this time period. Because what they built here had already existed before, making itself legendary throughout history.

When you visit Tsarevets Fortress, make sure to stick around after dark. In the evening. An incredible Sound & Light Show takes place with dramatic music that strikes up when needed, and church bells ringing throughout its entirety.

Lasers light up on stage, making it look like some kind of strange performance art piece. While psychedelic colors dance across your screen, creating immersive video experiences for all who enter sacred grounds.

This was not meant as disrespect but rather appreciation towards Bulgaria's most treasured monument!

Top 2 - Beautiful castles in Bulgaria: Tsarevets

Top 2. Tsarevets

Top 3 - Beautiful castles in Bulgaria: Castra Martis

The ruins of a Roman fort in Bulgaria are now the centerpiece of a historical park that houses various artifacts found during excavations. 

The first part, built by Emperor Diocletian and known as Kula or “tower” may have been constructed to protect vital roads between Bononia (now Vidin) and Singidunum

It later became Belgrade after Serbian King Stefan Uro II Milutin victories against Ottoman Turkey led them into decline starting around the 14th century AD.

The largest tower at Castra Martis dates back almost two centuries before its completion. Some experts believe this was done so people could know what resources their enemy might use if they raised tribute demands.

Top 4 - Beautiful castles in Bulgaria: Mezek

Mezek Fortress is a medieval stone castle that dates from the 11th century. This imposing complex of brickwork and tiled roofs had two lines, each with its design elements. 

It also includes nine defensive towers on either side along this southern wall, which can be considered vulnerable due to its location right next door to Greece. 

After that, It became an official archaeological site in 1927 - not long after Bulgaria gained independence from Turkey. It restored fully by 2007, thanks largely to European Union programs' funding for several years until 2013.

Top 5. Castle Of Ravadinovo

Bulgaria's Castle of Ravadinovo is a fairy tale castle that looks like it proudly built in just 20 years by one man. The structure boasts intricate architecture and decorations, making this extraordinary building an easy comparison to other famous European castles like Neuschwanstein, or Eschenburg overlooking Lake Bacolufe.

It’s no wonder, then, why visitors often think of "In Love With The Wind" when they see its stunning steeples & towers - thanks largely due to their resilience against time!

You will either love or hate this castle. But one thing is certain, it's a place with an interesting story behind its creation, even though sometimes kitschy things can be appealing in the right setting. In this case, there might not always seem to fit Bulgarians' tastes for beauty.

Top 5. Castle Of Ravadinovo

Top 5. Castle Of Ravadinovo

Top 6. Asen’s Fortress

Asen’s Fortress is an impressive medieval castle perched atop a cliff along the Asenses River. It's not only Impregnable, but also gorgeous. 

Surrounded on three sides by sheer vertical drops and accessible from one side only through narrow mountain passageways. This ancient structure will make you feel like you are in another world, as it stands guard over proceedings below with its towers lookout post high above ground level.

The Holy Mother Of God church in Asenovgrad is a fascinating example from centuries ago. It’s one-of-a-kind, being only second to it's completion date, which can found on display at this historical museum nearby!

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Top 6. Asen’s Fortress

Top 6. Asen’s Fortress

As we conclude our journey through the top beautiful castles in Bulgaria, we hope you've inspired to explore the remarkable history and architecture that graces this picturesque country.

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