Top 8 Christmas destinations in Europe you should know

Top 8 Christmas destinations in Europe you should know

If you are looking for Christmas destinations in Europe to spend your holiday this year, you've arrived at the right place. This blog will cover all the things you need. Let's explore.

Top 1 - Christmas destinations in Europe: Prague, Czechia

The beautiful architecture of Prague gives way to a winter wonderland at Christmastime. Visitors can enjoy samples from various vendors, including trdelník - a traditional hot sugar-coated pastry made with yeast dough filled with raspberry jam, or applesauce- and spit-roasted hams that are available on every corner for purchase.

The most impressive Christmas market can be found in Old Town Square. It's full of Donkeys, goats, and sheep. It has lights that would make your eyes shine like stars on Christmas night (even if you're not religious) and music for everyone.

The stalls are stocked with all sorts of festive delights, from craft gifts to beautiful ornaments, making this one place where visitors long after winter break will want to spend time when they return to town again.

Top 1 - Christmas destinations in Europe: Prague, Czechia

Top 1. Prague, Czechia

Top 2 - Christmas destinations in Europe: Vienna, Austria

If you're looking for a place that feels like home during the holidays, head to Austria. This country will make your heart fuller with its old-worldly charm and delicious food (sausages, anyone?).

Plus, there are plenty of activities like visiting some markets, where they sell unique handmade items, or taking part in an ice skating rink while enjoying classical music performances at night. Which one would be perfect?

In addition, if culture isn't really what we're after, how about just getting out of town to Vienna - a city full of Christmas cheer.

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Top 2 - Christmas destinations in Europe: Vienna, Austria

Top 2. Vienna, Austria

Top 3 - Christmas destinations in Europe: Colmar, France

Colmar, a small town in France known for its magical Christmas atmosphere. The illuminations linking the city's different markets will beautifully guide you through narrow streets lined with half-timbered houses that date back centuries ago, when it was one of Europe’s most important cities during Christmastime - Colmars "Little Venice."

Whether you're looking to buy or just enjoy the atmosphere, there is something for everyone at these markets. You'll find a variety of arts and crafts from all over County Clare and guided tours that will take your imagination on an unforgettable journey through history.

An authentic taste excites even those who have experienced it before: The beautiful architecture in courtyard spaces, like no other place, can give inspiration. Let’s visit one today with family members!

Top 3. Colmar, France

Top 3. Colmar, France

Top 4 - Christmas destinations in Europe: Cologne, Germany

The city of Cologne is a 2,000-year-old German settlement that has plenty to offer visitors during their holiday travels. 

The town's famous Gothic cathedral dominates the skyline. It makes for an amazing photo opportunity as you walk around this historic spot amongst other things, such as its large market held right in front.

People can buy regional specialties here, from all over Germany including Christmas items like toys & ornaments made out of wood carvings among many others.

You'll also want to take time out if possible at one particular location: Angel’s Market, which dates back even further than what we know now. It was built by Catholic Church leaders back when they were trying to maintain peace within Society after Martin Luther.

Top 5 - Christmas destinations in Europe: Bruges, Belgium

The streets of Bruges are lined with posters advertising their famous Christmas festival, Winter Glow. 

The chilly air feels good on your skin as you walk through this beautiful winter town, and imagine what it would be like to have a hot chocolate stand outside all day long. 

You can also enjoy listening to children argue over who gets the last pick from the sugar plums they've been saving up so much energy carrying home on skates.

The sights here will leave even those without any appreciation for architecture drooling at every turn: lights twinkling above buildings made brighter by snowfall, markets overflowing with artisanal food items such silk scarves, or handmade candles that can provide light sources when needed after dark hours.

Top 6. Reykjavik, Iceland

There's no better place to experience an unforgettable Christmas than with the boys in Iceland. For 13 nights until December 25th, you can go out into nature and see its beauty firsthand, while bringing gifts for your children. 

You'll be surrounded by snow-capped mountains and lights that decorate this festive season. It does seem like something straight from fairy tales themselves.

The tiny, picturesque huts at Yule Town Christmas market in Reykjavik are filled with holiday decorations and treats. The unique thing about this venue is that it's only one day, so you have an opportunity to explore all of its craftsmen setups before they move their goods elsewhere for another visit.

The fishing village of Grundarfjordur known for its whale-watching opportunities. The quiet town sits on an arm of land that juts out into the ocean, giving visitors access to incredible natural attractions like ice caves and orca shows.

Top 6. Reykjavik, Iceland

Top 6. Reykjavik, Iceland

Top 7. Valkenburg, Netherlands

Valkenburg known as the Dutch center for Christmas festivities. The town hosts its annual market in a cave, which features all sorts of unique gifts like Marlstone products and traditional Polish handicrafts, along with sculptures from various eras, such as Roman times. 

Visitors can also visit Santa Claus' residence, where they'll be able to see how he keeps his reindeer fleet. In addition, present-day drawings dating back centuries show what life may have looked like when these people first started to celebrate the event we call "Christmas."

Top 7. Valkenburg, Netherlands

Top 7. Valkenburg, Netherlands

Top 8. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen's landscape changes with the seasons and it’s easy to see why this beautiful city is so popular. From gorgeous Christmas markets, and sparkling lights along canals in December to Tivoli Gardens' winter wonderland transformation over holiday periods. There really isn't anything that doesn't deserve your time here.

And when you're done enjoying all these festivities, head back out into town, stroll through Nyhavn while soaking up centuries-old architecture, or take part in the Royal Copenhagen tradition: an annual dinner party hosted by Queen Marianne every Thanksgiving.

After following our blog, have you chosen one name of Christmas destinations in Europe we suggest? Wish you had. 

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