Can I rent an eight-person vehicle with a roof rack?

You can request an 8-seater with a roof rack from some of the automobile rental businesses you can discover on our website. When making your reservation, look for roof racks on the extras page if they're available. If you don't find a place to ask for a roof rack with your rental, please contact our customer service staff.

How large is the boot space in your 8-seater car rental options?

Depending on the type of vehicle, an 8-seater has a different amount of cargo capacity. Some eight-seater rental cars are big SUVs with cramped seats in the trunk, drastically restricting the amount of storage room. We advise renting an eight-seater with a middle row of seats that can be folded down for additional storage space if not in use by passengers if you are traveling with luggage.

Can we fit in an 8-seater people carrier with our three adults, three young children, and three large bags?

Up to 8 passengers with minimal luggage or 6 adults with three or four large suitcases will have enough room in an 8-seater rental. Please contact one of our customer service representatives if you have any questions concerning the seating capacity of your 8-seater rental.

Can I ask to hire an eight-seater with a tow bar?

You won't often be able to request a car with a tow bar from most automobile rental companies due to the need to prevent excessive engine and transmission wear.

Can I fit my wheelchair inside an eight-seater?

Most 8-seater automobiles' trunks can fit your wheelchair if it can be folded. Sending a request to our customer service department will also enable you to request a car that is wheelchair accessible.

Do you have choices for 8-seater rentals with unlimited mileage?

You can look at the fuel policy that is openly published against each rental to select one with unlimited miles. Unlimited mileage is frequently a more expensive rental choice. If you're traveling a long way, it will still likely be less expensive than paying extra mileage penalties.

How do I include kid seats in my 8-seater reservation?

On the extras page of our booking procedure, you can ask to hire child seats. Although most car rental businesses don't guarantee the availability of child seats, it's against the law for them to let a customer drive off with kids without them in several nations.

Do the seats in the 8-seater fold down so I can fit my bike in the back?

In an eight-seater, the middle and back rows of seats often fold down. If the front wheel is taken off, the 8-seater can typically fit a bicycle in the boot if you're traveling with passengers.

What if the 8-seater I've reserved isn't big enough for my luggage?

You will be given the choice to pay for an upgrade at the rental desk if a larger vehicle is available. We generally advise being careful to reserve a vehicle of the appropriate size before you arrive because upgrading is typically pricey and large vehicles frequently have limited availability.

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