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TITLIS MOUNT - Engelberg Switzerland Titlis is originally a peak of snowy mountain clusters in the ski area in the village of Engelberg. Only an hour away from Luzern, the high mountain ensures enough quality runs for amateurs to professionals during the ski season. This was originally a ski destination of the locals, Then somehow from some chance, Titlis became a snow-watching tourist destination of the whole world. Titlis system consists of 4 mountain levels: the first level is for walking and trekking. The cable car will stop from the second to the fourth level. ➡️Level 2: This area is only about 1000m, is an area for families. In the summer, this area becomes a park for people to walk or for young people to play slightly adventurous games such as trampoline jumping, tree climbing, zip-lines. During the snowy season, this area is for everyone to ski on wheels, on bobs, test drive off-road in the snow (2CHF one minute and a full lap of the slopes about 10 minutes), virtual photography in the snow white. This area is quite suitable for those who go out to Luzern for two days or more, with a lot of time to stop in Titlis. For families with young children, we like to stop here because it's not too high so you won't be too tired. ➡️Level 3: this is the area to change from the cable car to the 360 ​​cable box to the 4th level, this is only for those who ski and start the green and red slide ➡️Level 4 is the last floor, this floor is Titlis 3020m high. This area has enough snow 365 days a year. In winter, there is still a downhill slide and a black slide, and only those with a certificate or ability are allowed to slide down. Summer is a paradise for tourists. This floor is full of food, but remember that the cost is separate from the cable car ticket up and down ✔- Ice cave: it's also slippery and easy to fall: Free ✔- Walking is a roundabout way to the top of the mountain, the feeling of stepping in the air: Free. It has an automatic camera, press the button and cheers, if you want to take a picture yourself, you have to pay 10 CHF ✔- Sit on IceFlyer, sit on the cable car, run out and then run in: Separate option fee. 12 CHF going out and in. How to get there: train or car heading from Luzern - Engelberg, then there is a shuttle bus that takes you to Talstation station, which is the cable car station. At the top of Titlis, there is a buffet restaurant and a restaurant for tourist groups, but due to the large number of international visitors, In general, Swiss service is attentive to everything. Ticket prices at MBS have 2 types: 👉79 euro / 2 way cable car for 1 person 👉103 euro / 2 ways cable car for 1 person -lunch included

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